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    Seeking partner for Gundam Rp

    Looking for someone to do an Gundam Rp if anyone is a fan of the IP feel free to message me
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    Rp Partner Seeking Ad

    Looking for new rp partners, I usually play males as my primary character but I also am fine with playing other characters, NPCs, background rabble as an sort of narrator and GM capacity. I am a switch and can play a variety of pairings and scenarios, be it as monsters, beasts, the fairer or...
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    Seeking New Rp Partner(s)

    Looking for some people to rp with, fantasy, sci Fi, etc. I'm very flexible in terms of genre's, fandoms, and settings, and can also do erp and play different character. All I ask is that we do things both of us like and want, I don't like a one sided thing where I'm doing all the work while...
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    Sol Sapiens 3500 A.D [Sci-Fi, 18+, NSFW]

    The future was now, humanity has conquered the very solar system they call home, becoming the best versions of themselves through gene therapy and modding, serums, drugs, technology and synthetic ways of extending life even to a thousand years old even with ones birth body. From the...
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    Dragonball Z Roleplau(18+)(MxF)

    Looking for someone to do an long-term rp set in DBZ universe, I would be playing an young Saiyan warrior fighting for my people who are unaffected by Frieza clan in this timeline. Battle, Romance, and plot expected.
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    Looking for rp partner, Pokemon RP [18+]

    Looking for someone to do some rp's based on/inspired by pokemon, be it playing as am ordinary trainer, memory of team rocket, etc. Some naughty battles and scenes with my characters and other trainers would be fun. Looking for a GM of sorts to do an pokemon story (s) with.
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    Sonic: Freedom Fighter (18+)

    The Kingdom of Acorn has fallen from within, thanks to the machinations of the brilliant, yet mad scientist known as Ivo Robotnik, leading to thousands forced into the outskirts or trapped under the iron thumb of Robotnik's tyranny, and the ever present fate of being roboticized into a slave...
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    Golden Cross Galaxy [Sci-Fi/Space][18+]

    [Rp Ad] Golden Cross Galaxy A long time ago, there came a flash, and then, all that ever was and will be came into existence. Billions of years passed as stardust coalesced to form nebulas, and soon...came the first Galaxies. The petri dish of varied, complex and sentient life. The eternal...
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    Seeking partner for Changed RP

    Seeking a partner to do rp based off the furry latex game called Changed, to make a fun story with tf fun and some erp to go along with it.
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    Seeking new Rp Partners

    As the title says, I'm looking for new people to rp with, I can rp with any gender and can whatever pairings you like. Usually plays m for primary character but can play female as well. Prefer 18+ partners. Can do furry, human, etc races in rp. Have been in an sci fi mood lately so would like to...
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    Legend of Zelda Rp

    *The flow of time is shaken, cracked, and open to events from past, present, and future affecting each other as Hyrule and the world at large grew unstable. In am effort to correct the strain that 3 timeliness put on the world, an attempt was made to make one singular future. God's, scientists...
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    Seeking Rp Partner(Rp Ideas within)

    Howdy everyone, looking for folks to roleplay a few rp ideas with, which will be listed below. All ideas are flexible and adjustable. Plot-Nsfw ratio, races and themes involved, mechanics, etc. Can do group rp as well if all parties wish it. 1. Viral State, an Apocalypse rp dealing with...
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    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Love 18+ Group Rp

    In an alternate pokemon universe, pokemon have evolved to form their own civilization, where Tame pokemon live in bastions of civilized society, able to hold back there loving urges. Going on adventures into mystery dungeons where Wild pokemon often also inhabit dungeons, kidnapping pokemon to...
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    Seeking Superhero Rp Partner

    Looking for rp partner to create and build upon an unique superhero setting. Can do erotic situations, and can do short or longer posts.
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    Looking for Zombie Apocalypse Rp Partners

    It began in late summer, though nobody knew it yet, hikers, campers, and even folks living in the backwoods, disappeared without a trace, or only pools of blood and gore remained and tracks lost in the wilderness. All over the country, people feared they might be next in these random and spread...
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    Seeking new rp partners(NSFW/Kinky)

    Howdy all, am on the hunt for new friends to make exciting and kinky stories with in a variety of settings and fandoms as well. Looking for switch partner to do an longterm story rp with nsfw fun. Roughly 50/50 Story to sex ratio. Give or take. Probably have some sort of plot where our own...
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    Seeking partners space furry rp

    Looking for peeps to roleplay in a futuristic rp, in space and in future dystopia and utopia of fun and battle.
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    Sonic: Battle for Mobius [18+][Group Rp]

    Eggman has taken over most of Mobius with his mechanical army, turning many mobians into his robot army, all resistance seemed futile as princess Sally Acorn and the royal family of Hedgehogs resisted through guerilla warfare as Gerald Robotnik and his daughter Ivone Eggman subjugate all in...
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    Seeking Fallout Rp Partner's

    Greetings everybody, and I thank you for your time. I am seeking some people to participate together in an Fallout inspired role-play, perhaps a group roleplay if all parties wish it. Wanted to make a custom setting, factions, etc with the players. The role-playing conducted in a pseudo tabletop...
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    Virtual Escape [MMO-VR Futurists Dystopia Rp]

    Howdy, I'm Coltshan. And I'm looking for people to partake in a futuristic Dystopia rp, where the only way to escape the dull grey drudgery of the future's hyper capitalism is to find escape through highly advanced Virtual Reality technology. Where one can become any gender or anything when...