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  1. NoahGryphon

    Main Site Issue regarding the new policy update.

    www.furaffinity.net: 4/16/2020 - New Hardware & Policy Updates -- Fender's Journal this one This does not seem right. There is a lot of cute/normal art out there that just happens to feature one of the groups mentioned. It also is bad because it seems it could be unfairly enforced by admins, by...
  2. NoahGryphon

    What was the last furry dream you had?

    I just had a mostly furry dream, it seemed to be about a very large festival/fair on a big beach, and anthros were going to it and working there. I remember everybody could fly in the dream, and some of the rides/activities involved transformation. There also was a huuuuge fursuit, latex suit...
  3. NoahGryphon

    Fursuits with kevlar built in?

    An idea iv had for a while is a fursuit with ballistic-grade kevlar sewn into it, so it would be bullet and shrapnel-proof if anything bad ever happened. what do you think of the idea? (and it would be intended to still look normal, the kevlar would be under the fur and stuff)
  4. NoahGryphon

    Latex/pooltoy fursonas :3

    Im just wondering what you think of fursonas made out of living latex or living pooltoys :3 . Im a latex gryphon~ Also you can ask me any questions about what its like being made of latex if your wondering ;3
  5. NoahGryphon

    Do you only have furry friends?

    Right now im in high-school, but i have no friends i know in real life pretty much :p cause im waiting till college where il be able to be with people more like me ( smart gamers, furries, weapon enthusiasts). :p so im wondering what kinda friends you have in real life ^>^
  6. NoahGryphon

    What would you do if your fursona turned latexy?

    as in your fur was replaced with latex :p
  7. NoahGryphon

    :3 what weapons do you own?

    Im wondering cause i bought a tactical neck knife :p and am waiting fur it to be delivered. so what weapons do you own or will own soon? ^>^
  8. NoahGryphon

    Anyone play war thunder?

    Im just wondering cause it would be fun to have huge furry-filled custom battles. post your username below if you do play. my username: NoahLatexGryphon
  9. NoahGryphon

    My study on how many furries are on imgur, and what thier general opinion of furs are

    So i have been on http://imgur.com/ studying thier opinion of furries by posting furry pictures. i have concluded that: -most people on imgut know what furries are. -alot of them like furry art -there are a few furries on thier you can also learn more about them just by looking at the comments...
  10. NoahGryphon

    What your getting for christmas.

    In this thread, just say what you want for christmas and what you're getting other people. I personally want a bad dragon product (havent picked yet), xbox live, a new desktop, and like 150$ cash :p [[no obsessing over admins]]
  11. NoahGryphon

    Who draws latex art here?

    i like latex art, and i want to see as much of it as i can :3
  12. NoahGryphon

    Fur-fiction starring forum members! ^>^

    So this is like the ''comic starring forum members'' post, but in this you make fur-fictions (furry stories) with forum members in it! ^>^ [No insulting stories]
  13. NoahGryphon

    Favorite nom?

    My favorite normal nom is probably spaghetti with white sauce My favorite dessert nom is cookie-peanut butter-cupcakes. [NO MEAN COMMENTS!]
  14. NoahGryphon

    Is this a good idea for a school project?

    So in my school/college i am on a movie-making class and wer suppose to make a short video about anything we want. right now my idea is to play far cry 3 with dubstep playing that starts off slow,and as its slow il sneak around then when it starts dropping the bass, il jump up and start killing...
  15. NoahGryphon

    Best old games?

    so i has 55$ from a birthday, and im not sure what games i want. i want the most bangy-bang for my buck, so i plan on getting a bunch of 2 or 3 year old games. i like games like skyrim,grand theft auto, and call of duty. any suggestions? *hugs all*
  16. NoahGryphon


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5hA5wfwA6Y This is the kind of thing that makes people hate furries! AND IM SICK OF IT! SOMEONE NEEDS TO FIND THESE PEOPLE AND KILL THEM FOR THIER CRIMES!
  17. NoahGryphon

    If there was a apocalypse would you be a bandit, neutral, or savior?

    When theres a apocalypse will you be a bandit (kills everyone on site) a neutral (avoids people unless they seem nice and only kill bandits that go after you) or a savior? (kills ALL bandits,gives food to survivors, helps everyone, just do as much as you can to help everyone). i will probably...
  18. NoahGryphon

    My fur-fetched furry town idea.

    When im older and richer, i plan on buying some land in northern canada and starting a town called ''furlandia''. it would be a town pretty much centered around furries,fursuits,animals,and roleplay. it would be mostly underground because of the extreme cold. this is all iv thought up so far but...
  19. NoahGryphon

    What would you do if you could rewind time but there was a catch?

    the catch is that whenever you go back in time, you lose 8 times the time you went back from your life. so if you went back 2 hours then your life would be 16 hours shorter. (and if you have like 1 minute to live and go back 5 minutes,youd go back to normal everything would just be glitchy)
  20. NoahGryphon

    Most maddening thing in the furry fandom?

    Like what thing annoys you alot or you just dont like. what i dont like is when people make thier characters spoiled/and or mean. like alot of artist i watch have thier character pretty much be evil :/. oh and i hate snuff art.