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  1. BittiBones

    Straight Furries

    I feel like I'm meeting a unicorn anytime I see them. Ironically, the last two I met had unicorns as their sonas. Is it just me, or are there mostly 'curved', so to speak, furries rather than straight ones? Plus it seems like there's a lot more male furries than the females, at least amongst the...
  2. BittiBones

    Best Fursona

    Enough said
  3. BittiBones

    Free Gore I Guess

    Like gore art? Well, I need some practice with it, so people tossing me their characters to me to be literally butchered would be nice. Please and thank. <3 Make sure to let me know what degree/parts of gore is considered 'too extreme' and just basically what you're comfortable with...
  4. BittiBones

    LF : Sfw Lit RP Partner

    Just thought that it might be fun to delve into the world of RP! I can provide my ToyHouse for the characters within to look from for this, if someone's interested, although I have a few I still need to place up on there and haven't due to current site bugs (specifically in relation to how I...