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  1. Mattqat

    Wisdom quotes

    "A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals." -Men in Black
  2. Mattqat

    League of Legends thread C:

    Oh hey I like that game.
  3. Mattqat

    How competent are you at your job?

    I put top tier, but it's high school so meh. Although I do see where some may get confused about this question. If you are, for example, the only person in your workplace doing your job, you think you're great at it because you're the one who got hired, but you don't necessarily have too much...
  4. Mattqat


    So. I was browsing the Internet looking for a laugh at the expense of dumb people, when I came across this, and now I've seen with my own eyes exactly the thing this thread is trying to prevent. It also explains where everyone gets the whole furry=bestiality thing.
  5. Mattqat

    How good of a social person are you in person outside the internet?

    I think I'm actually shier on the Internet than I am in real life, due to not actually having to interact with people through school, etc., and therefore not making conversation. When I'm around people I know, I'm generally fine, but around strangers, I'm never the one to break the ice (I had a...
  6. Mattqat

    Post your classes!

    Senior in high school. Doing International Baccalaureate. Basically two years of the same classes at either higher level (HL) or standard level (SL), equal to or greater than AP level, all winding up to the exams in May. English HL Chemistry SL (Just 1 year, aiming for the AP test)...
  7. Mattqat

    Websites that can read your mind, how do they work?

    It actually gave me Fender as a wrong guess once, while I was trying to get Bagels, of the webcomic "Also, Bagels". Didn't get it in the end, but he was second on the list.
  8. Mattqat

    Is PC gaming "back"?

    I don't know if this was intentional or not, but the page you linked specifically mentions the Halo and WoW haters on these fora: It's kind of eerie. As for being on-topic, I might relate the perceived revival of PC gaming to what one might call "the smartphone effect". No one wants to buy...
  9. Mattqat

    Unpopular fursonas

    From Wiktionary, "platypus (plural: platypuses, or platypus; common, pseudo-latin: platypi; rare, pedantic: platypodes)". It's apparently a matter of some debate.
  10. Mattqat

    In your years that you have lived.

    1-5. Probably a few middle school teachers didn't like being constantly corrected. It got somewhat better in high school, though. People in general don't tend to dislike me, partly because I'm so quiet most of the time.
  11. Mattqat

    Did anything important happen on your birthday?

    Things that jumped out to me: Events 1502- Colombus leaves on his 4th and last voyage to the West Indies 1820- HMS Beagle launches 1858- Minnesota becomes a state 1867- Luxembourg gains independence 1924- Mercedes-Benz formed 1987- First heart-lung transplant performed 1997- IBM Deep...
  12. Mattqat


    What he meant, of course, is that he's 60% fox, 30% human, and 10% hybrid, where the 10% can vary from all fox to all human, but due to mood/sanity/quantum uncertainty, the most that can be known at any one time is that he is 40% human or less, and 70% fox or less. ...Am I thinking too hard...
  13. Mattqat


    I'm really just delicious whole grains in a human body. On account of having just eaten breakfast. But honestly, I'm pure human and just fine with it. At least mentally, there doesn't seem to be any room for improvement. I mean, I can be human and think my abstract thoughts, but then, if I...
  14. Mattqat

    What's the best book you've read?

    As far as more traditional stuff goes, I'd probably have to say the Hitchhiker's Trilogy of Five (well, six now) or Ender's Game, etc. That said, I've recently been very much enjoying Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next series.
  15. Mattqat

    Best video game music?

    Search didn't turn this up, but the Civilization IV menu theme is pretty epic. It's actually the Lord's Prayer sung in Swahili.
  16. Mattqat

    Is the fandom bettering itself or am I dreaming?

    This may well be the case (in fact, one would hope that's the case), but I don't really have much of a basis to judge the recent bettering or worsening of the fandom as a whole (or the cons specifically, which is what this thread seems to be more about, despite the title). I just tried to put...
  17. Mattqat

    Is the fandom bettering itself or am I dreaming?

    Given the choice between a large group of people becoming more normal and one person becoming more likely to see that group as "normal" over the course of a year, I'd say the second's more likely. Smaller sample population and all. But that's just my opinion and I wasn't actually there. Maybe...
  18. Mattqat

    How close is your fursona to your actual personality?

    When I post online, it's basically how I am in real life, but with more time to organize my statements. Which means the things I say are more like I imagine them in my head, and I actually say them. So to answer the question in the OP, no, you would probably not recognize me. To the...
  19. Mattqat

    Stupidest question you have ever been asked.

    "If you cut off Florida, would it sink?" Granted, this was probably some time around sixth grade, but it's just so memorable. I almost put "orc" on an info card for a college I don't plan to go to, because it's not like I'm going to get any scholarships for being white.
  20. Mattqat

    Those Highschool Days...

    I've got one more year, which is going to be great, fun-wise, but hell work-wise. I think I've actually been one of the lucky ones in terms of the high school experience. I went from an 8th grade class at a Catholic school with 11 people to the public high school and a mostly-isolated group of...