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  1. Mintywolf

    Beautiful ink and Prismacolor pencil art starting at $20

    The Mintywolf is now open for commissions! Inked Lineart: $20 Example Example Example Additional Characters: +$5 each Ink + Prismacolor Pencil: $30 Example Example Example Example Additional Characters: +$10 each Backgrounds start at +$10 and will depend on complexity (but I kind of...
  2. Mintywolf

    Paypal question

    I have a quick question for those of you who use paypal to accept payment for commissions. I have a business account and I was wondering, how much information does paypal give out to the buyer? Your business name? Your real name? Just your email address? Just curious.
  3. Mintywolf

    Art Sale! Originals starting from $10

    Yes! I am selling all six originals from the Plague Hound series. (I really need money for Christmas/Solstice/other winter holiday presents for people, so all sales are very much appreciated. :) ) Prices range from $10-$25. Free shipping in the US. :) Details are in my journal here...
  4. Mintywolf

    Childhood stories you can't live down

    Maybe this'll be less painful than the scar thread.  (But maybe not by much . . . ;) ) You know all those stories of stupid things you did when you were little?  The ones that you know you'll NEVER live down because your mother trots them out at every family gathering, or better, in front...
  5. Mintywolf

    Commission advice (Help me please?)

    I've been drawing for several years now and would like to start taking commisions, but since I've never done it before I could really use some advice.  So at the risk of sounding like a total newbie, could I ask for the opinion of someone who is more experienced at this?  Any help here would...
  6. Mintywolf

    Hi there!

    Hi! I'm the Mintywolf. You can call me that, or Minty, or you can call me Christine, which is my name. I've been drawing anthro art all my life but didn't know it was a genre, let alone a whole culture, until I was about 14. Since then I've kind of hovered curiously on the fringes of the...