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  1. Landis

    Comic Upload

    If your doing a webcomic. Keenspace could work
  2. Landis


    Rise of the ninja looks ambitious. The rest of the games though fail for being so simplistic and get boring after awhile. No matter how pretty they look and the ps3 ultimate ninja storm looks gorgeous but plays like crap.
  3. Landis

    Your favorite game that no one's heard of

    Phantom brave was really good but kinda got annoying with the whole incarnating things in normal objects and all characters had a limited time in the battlefield. Makai Kingdom is worth playing for the hilarious store and some of the classes for the characters are really fun. I haven't got to...
  4. Landis

    Things in video games that annoy the @#%$ out of you.

    What annoys the fuck out of me is ai partners who are retarded and hardly move. I've played a few fps where my ai teammate won't move or act right so I end up dieing or taking a shitton of damage cause they wont get outta the way.
  5. Landis

    TMNT vs. Extreme Dinosaurs vs. Street Sharks vs. Biker Mice vs. Toxic Crusaders

    TMNT will always be my fave. I especially like how well done the new series is.
  6. Landis

    Where do you live?

    Chicago Illinios
  7. Landis

    When Non-furry Webcomics Reference Furs

    I've run across a few furry jokes in marvel comics concerning tigra. Forget which issues or series they were though. Penny-arcade also made a comic awhile back with stuff they hated and one was furries and it got a pretty big backlash or so they said in one of the books they released.
  8. Landis

    Your favorite game that no one's heard of

    Might as well just go ahead and say any nippon ichi game to the list. There a very obscure and underrated publisher. Most of there rpgs if not all of em are awesome.
  9. Landis

    Playstation Home Beta

    I've been in it for about a year now. I was one of the first beta testers. I got bored with it easily since there wasnt a whole lot added and not many were on it. I may revisit it after thise new way of testers comes in. If it gets populated and has more online. it could be fun.
  10. Landis

    Your favorite game that no one's heard of

    A few years ago I would have said guilty gear but its gotten a pretty good rep since the original on ps1. odin sphere Rival schools and project justice Tech Romancer Tail Concerto Einhander theres a few of mine
  11. Landis

    Games That Are Like Drugs

    I really don't see Gunstar Heroes as trippy but Katamari Damacy and We love Katamari is on ps2 while theres another Katamari game on 360 but I forgot the name of it.
  12. Landis

    Know any good Furry Age Regression stories/pictures/comics?

    You could check out some of marci's work. http://furries.frithcat.com/
  13. Landis

    Single Greatest Furry Comic?

    I haven't delved to much into comics being distributed among the fandom besides the more main stream ones but they all just seem to go into sex which has been pointed out early in the thread. Circles is probaly my favorite since the characters just feel realistic to me. Moreso than any comics...
  14. Landis

    Games That Are Like Drugs

    Rez is the only one that comes to mind along with Katamari. There was also this game called N20 for playstation that had some trippy ass colors and effects along with music by the crystal method.
  15. Landis

    Tiny Toons is finally on DVD!

    I'm getting this as a late bday gift for my bf since he loves it so much. Gonna pick up freakazoid for myself though :) I do think freakazoid should have just got a complete collection instead of splitting it up into its two seasons since theres not many eps of it.
  16. Landis

    Evil Dead...being remade!?

    Its been floating around for awhile but its in production hell it seems. Last news I heard about it they were gonna make it a straight out comedy with Sean william Scott as ash. I'm pretty sure this fell through a long time ago though.
  17. Landis

    Got me a Ps3 what games should I get?

    I've had mine for awhile but heres a few suggestions. Exclusives for ps3 -Uncharted -Resistance -Metal Gear 4 -Heavanly Sword -Disgaea 3 absence of justice other suggestions -orange box -Rock Band -Assassins Creed -Soul Calibur 4
  18. Landis

    Recommended video editing software?

    I use Adobe Premiere 7.5 and pro because thats what I was trained with in college. Now that im looking for work in video editing after graduating I have noticed alot of companies want experience in final cut pro.
  19. Landis

    New Marvel vs. Capcom on the way?

    The fighting game license for Marvel is up for grabs again. EA lost it after they canceled the latest ea marvel fighter and rise of the imperfects sucked to high heavan. Thats why a new Marvel vs capcom is gonna happen although I would rather it be sprite based than the new 2.5d trend capcom is...