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  1. straferz

    It feels weird being a furry

    Same. I have very left-leaning beliefs when everyone around me seems to be the opposite. I think that's why I flock to the internet more than anybody I know personally, because I want to find others who feel the same way I do. Currently, I don't know if this is a blessing, or a curse. But I...
  2. straferz

    It feels weird being a furry

    My issues with how my parents would perceive me being a furry aren't for any of those reasons, it's cuz of the . My brother has a really bad outlook on the fandom cuz he's seen videos of youtubers documenting the thoughts and behaviours of these people, since a ton of them happen to be furries...
  3. straferz

    It feels weird being a furry

    True, but it's probably unlikely that they'll ever look through my search history, cuz they don't really have a good reason to. It's just the fact that it's fully possible for them do to so that freaks me out
  4. straferz

    It feels weird being a furry

    Good point. I am still worried that my parents would even find that stuff weird, but maybe that's a bit irrational. True. Most of this fear of being seen as a weirdo stems from my parents or possibly certain friends somehow figuring out about every single thing I do on the internet. Sure, the...
  5. straferz

    It feels weird being a furry

    I'm not basing these thoughts purely off of what I see on the internet. Yes, some people online absolutely hate furries, but it's easy to just ignore them when it's happening on the internet. The thing is, in my own personal situation, my parents seem to have a pretty negative idea of what the...
  6. straferz

    It feels weird being a furry

    I know, maybe it's a little dumb (or very), but I still think it's a fair thing to be afraid of at least to some extent. Like, if I were to be more open with people about this hobby, I could be bullied to shit, and possibly lose all my friends as well in the process.
  7. straferz

    It feels weird being a furry

    It makes me feel very dreadful. The fandom has such a terrible reputation in mainstream society, that I feel ashamed to be one in any way. I don't want to be a furry, and for many years, I've tried to intercept my own identity, to avoid being seen as a freak by everyone in my personal life...
  8. straferz

    Vent Thread

    Lately, I have felt very lonely in life. I often feel like I'm 'just there' in conversations, and am contributing nothing, even though I have a ton of ideas on what to say, I usually don't end up saying them, out of fear that they aren't good enough to be spoken out loud. Even online, which is...
  9. straferz

    Furry Acceptance in Today's World

    That's a good point. At the end of the day, being a furry is simply a hobby, and nothing more. I was just pointing out my struggles with peoples perceptions of the fandom, since it was relevant to the question. It's a bit annoying, but I really could just ignore them tbh. They don't have the...
  10. straferz

    Post something odd about you!

  11. straferz

    Rate the profile picture above you

    6/10. It looks pretty cool.
  12. straferz

    Furry Acceptance in Today's World

    Damn you're kind of lucky compared to me. There's absolutely zero furry conventions within a 2 1/2 hour range from my area. Yeah, there are some in Alberta's capital, Edmonton, and almost definitely Calgary as well, but those cities are so far away, they might as well be in a whole other...
  13. straferz

    Furry Acceptance in Today's World

    My area is roughly 80-90% Catholic. Most boys around my age don't seem too prejudiced, but they have frequently mocked 'sjw' behaviour and stuff like that, which to me is a sign that they're either centre-right or right-wing. However, one kid I know apparently once said that they don't get trans...
  14. straferz

    Furry Acceptance in Today's World

    I live in a highly conservative rural area, and furries are usually looked down upon by kids by age, and any adults who are even aware of their existence to begin with. I have a friend who's a furry, and other friends in that friend group are pretty chill about it as well. But other than that, I...
  15. straferz

    Hi all!

  16. straferz

    Rate The Song Above You!

    7/10. I've always liked Bring Me the Horizon-esque sound, and this sounds like that, but a bit softer. So it's cool.
  17. straferz


    My name is Straferz, and I am kind of a furry. I like Pokemon, video games, music, and cartoons/anime/tv shows/movies. I also play the guitar. Can't wait to meet ya'll!