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  1. Dread Husky

    New ref sheet

    No, no, i'm not changing my species again. But Dread just doesn't feel...dreaddy enough the way she is. So i'm giving in to the call of the barghest! In other words I want a new husky fursona that is completely black. Already picked out the shades: Bad attempt at how I want the paw pads but...
  2. Dread Husky

    Dread Husky

    I may change this around or add some things as I see fit but so far it's good for now... Name: Dread Husky Nicknames: Dread, Husky, DH, Gothy Age: 21 D.O.B: July 12, 1989 Signs: Cancer and Snake Height: 5'4" Weight/build: Around 150-160/a few extra pounds (plantigrade legs/feet) Appearance: See...
  3. Dread Husky

    100x100 icons? c:

    Who's open for icons? Post prices, examples, and turnaround please. I would like a 100x100 icon size for use on here and other sites. Ref
  4. Dread Husky

    Smile Dog

    So recently my attention was brought to the ever-so-scary (aha, riiight) story of smile dog, otherwise known as smile.jpg. And being a huge scary and husky fan (go us) I was needless to say excited to come across it. I poked around a bit reading people's comments and I was wondering who here has...
  5. Dread Husky

    'nother ref sheet - Male w/ muscles

    I like ref sheets, can't you tell? And no i'm not changing my fursona again. But I was thinking that if I bring back my original fursona I can't have her without the one character that she went paw in paw with for years. So as always i'm looking for prices, examples (especially of anthro...
  6. Dread Husky

    Human ref?

    Yeah, I know, technically this is a furry forum, but some of you guys draw humans too though, right? So is anyone up for drawing one? c: I 'adopted' the character for a steampunk rp site and here is the headshot of him. He's gonna have a muscled build (six-pack abs and all the works but not like...
  7. Dread Husky

    Quad + Anthro ref sheet

    Gonna be looking for a two view ref sheet with some detail shots and color dots, of a female husky. c: Yup, gonna be reinventing my original fursona since she was the only one I felt like I had some sort of a connection to. Please post prices, examples (especially of quads and canines), and...
  8. Dread Husky

    'Dark'/mysterious animals?

    Yup, me again. What are some dark/mysterious/gloomy/ominous/evil/etc species of animals? I only know of crows and ravens. And yes, technically anything can be made 'dark' but the stereotype thread got me curious about what animals are usually seen as dark in the fandom? Or which ones have a...
  9. Dread Husky

    'sonas you think would be cool to see?

    Yup, it's another one of those threads. It can even include a hybrid. So far I don't think i've seen anyone with a Phenacodus fursona, and there doesn't seem to be much art of them either. They look like a cat horse. c: And for a hybrid I think animals crossed with a 'gator or croc would be...
  10. Dread Husky

    How long have you had your character/fursona?

    Yeah, after seeing some of those character development meme's or whatever they're called I felt the need to ask this. How long have you guys had your fursonas (or characters/personas if you prefer) and how the devil do you come up with something you can stick to for that long? :c I still haven't...
  11. Dread Husky

    Design me a chihuahua?

    Yeah, I remember a while back at least a couple of you said that my personality reminded you of a chihuahua with behavioral issues and food aggression so i'd like to try one out. :D Anyone up for designing it? This will of course be a ref sheet commission. Let's say back and front view, looking...
  12. Dread Husky

    Ref sheet and icon

    I'm looking for an anthro female ref sheet of this character (i'd like to keep the smokey/whispy/hound from hell look as much as possible, and she's a maned wolf so i'd want her to be drawn like one and not like, a timber wolf or something) and also a 100x100 icon please. Anyone interested? Post...
  13. Dread Husky

    Liob icon

    I'm looking for a 100x100 icon of this lion (lol title typo) that I can use on other forums and such. Anyone open for them? Please post prices, examples (especially any of cats), and turnaround. C:
  14. Dread Husky

    Design a Fursona

    Okay, I know the basics of what I want. So I need someone to whip me up a (G-rated nude) ref sheet please. Maybe just a two view (front and back) with a closeup of the head with her mouth open? And a serious/uninterested expression. No 'omg i'm so happee' smiley faces. I don't do that shit. >:C...
  15. Dread Husky

    Fursona help

    Yes this is another one of those threads, since doing research on my own hasn't gotten me anywhere yet. I'm looking for an animal or animals that at least closely fit my personality. I'm suspecting maybe some sort of cat? (Is this the right board this time?) Temper: Short, gets provoked easy...
  16. Dread Husky

    Anthro horror/thriller stories?

    I want to try and get back into writing horror and thriller stories again, even if it's just for fun. But what would you guys like to read about? What do you think makes a good horror/thriller story? Any kill scenes that you think might be cool? And please, don't volunteer anybody lol. I'm...
  17. Dread Husky

    Good links to explain furry?

    Okay, so, I texted my new...boyfriend(?) earlier asking how he felt about furries and the first thing he asked was "a cat or dog?". Apparently he doesn't know what one is, even though he plays DND and likes fantasy stuff, so it surprised the hell outta me that he's never even heard of us. Anyone...
  18. Dread Husky

    Anthro Dog Ref Sheet

    Still not sure if i'm gonna use him as a fursona per say but I do want to see this guy anthro-ized and i'll at least use him for a character. Anyone up for doing a ref sheet? What I need: G-rated 2 view sheet (may change) Character: Brig (yes I am also xGothyx) Anyone here good with dogs and...
  19. Dread Husky

    Finding a fursona you're satisfied with?

    Yeah, it seems that with Matthias or any character i've gotten i'm not satisfied. I can't seem to create something that completely 'fits' and that I don't get tired of quickly. Does anyone have any tips/advice on how I could create something to stick with?
  20. Dread Husky

    Fursona weight?

    I was looking around at Friesian horses and read that the average weight for an adult is about 1300 pounds, which got me to thinking, do any of you base your fursona's weight around that of the actual species or do you just make the weight whatever you want?