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  1. ElectricBlue1989

    Quick Furries Q&A on Yahoo!

    So I fired up the Internet. Yahoo! is still my homepage for some reason. And there it was: http://news.yahoo.com/furries-q-event-draws-many-animal-costumes-123705395.html I lifted an eyebrow, thinking the thing would be filled with misinformation on the fandom. Turns out there's some quick...
  2. ElectricBlue1989

    In One Big Lump of Divided? How Do You Upload Your Stories?

    (Didn't find a thread about something like this. Just to be clear, I do know how to upload stuff on FA. The second question on the title is there to complement the first one) I have this story that's been on my dA account for awhile. It's divided in 9 parts. On the original Word document, the...
  3. ElectricBlue1989

    Is Your Username on FA/FAF Different From Your 'Sona?

    I chose my username because, first, I didn't want to use my real name on the internet as my, um, artistic alias; and second, I wanted something that wouldn't feel dated in a year (only time will tell if I made the right choice). But then I realized something when our group started putting up...
  4. ElectricBlue1989

    TV Series From Our Childhood

    Inspired by this thread, looking for righteous pics of childhood movies got me thinking, 'What about all those shows we used to watch?' There have been many that have been relegated to limbo on the collective memory banks, as their neither too old or too new, among other excuses. \ And so, here...
  5. ElectricBlue1989

    So, What Song's Stuck Inside Your Head Today?

    So I was browsing FA... and I glanced at a boxing fight art pic. Then throughout the rest of my browsing session, afterwards and up until today, at least the first part of Rocky IV's training montage has been playing, both movie and soundtrack versions (yes, they're subtly different) complete...
  6. ElectricBlue1989

    Music You Don't Hear As Often As You Did

    Opening title just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? :P
  7. ElectricBlue1989

    Music That Brings Out The Furry In You

    Whether it's the lyrics or the music itself (or just the album cover), there are songs that makes your furry side come out. Name it, post a pic of the album art or a link to it, don't matter. I'll start. Go ahead. Laugh.