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  1. Kiffa_kitmouse

    Bug/Site Problem: Submissions not showing up on front page.

    On my band account, dramaarmada, I uploaded 2 audio files today, and neither one of them ever showed up on the front page. It shouldn't be a rating issue, as they were both rated 'general'. They didn't get pushed off the page by newer submissions, either (submissions uploaded before ours are...
  2. Kiffa_kitmouse

    Thumbnail issues

    Hey. So, I'm trying to upload a new song to my secondary account (dramaarmada). The first time I went through the process, I accidentally used an image I don't want to use for the thumbnail. No problem, I thought, I'll just do it over. Only, every time I try again, this time choosing the correct...
  3. Kiffa_kitmouse

    Move music-related threads to the Blue Note section?

    OK, so the forums added a section for music-related topics a while back called 'The Blue Note'. As a songwriter/musician and music nut in general, I was thrilled about this. The thing is, almost no-one goes there. Yet I look on other sections of the board-- 'The Tube' and 'Off Topic'...
  4. Kiffa_kitmouse

    Musicians: Plug here! (Take 2)

    List of FurAffinity musicians Please see post #2 in this thread for details. Ak-Nolij: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ak-nolij AlexCross: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/alexcross Annodam: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/annodam Antaeus: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/antaeusthelynx...
  5. Kiffa_kitmouse

    Furries on "Back To You"

    So I'm watching the new Kelsey Grammer show on FOX, called "Back To You". Don't ask why lol. Anyway, it's set at a television newsroom in Pittsburgh... and in this episode, they're sending one of their reporters... to ANTHROCON. Holy shit lol.
  6. Kiffa_kitmouse

    Super Furry Animals on Letterman tonight (1/24)

    This will probably benefit nobody, as I doubt anyone who cares will read it in time... but "The Late Show with David Letterman" just began, and their musical guests tonight are one of my favorite bands, Super Furry Animals. I know there are a lot of other SFA fans in the furry fandom, so...
  7. Kiffa_kitmouse

    New... but not new

    OK, technically, I'm not new to FA at all, but I did just get a new alternate account set up, and I would like to introduce it. I'm Kiffa Kitmouse, FA songwriter/musician (in that order lol). *waves* Hi! Myself and my good friend Sedge Hare, another musician here on FA, just set up a new...
  8. Kiffa_kitmouse

    needs more haiku

    Could be fun. Could be a train wreck. I'll get us started! --- Elvis was the king But even kings are mortal He died on the throne.
  9. Kiffa_kitmouse

    New. But not new. Kinda old, actually.

    Hey everyone... my name's Kiffa, and I'm a cat/mouse hybrid from New England. *waves* I've been around the furry fandom since around '98 or '99, but kinda kept to myself for a few years. That wasn't too much fun, so now I'm finally trying to interact with the rest of the community. I've been on...