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  1. Nakhi

    Open Auditions for my audio drama

    Alright. Give me a day or two and I will have it.
  2. Nakhi

    Open Auditions for my audio drama

    Sorry, I have been busy lately. I would like to know the situation in which those lines are said though. It helps me to understand the tone which would be preferred.
  3. Nakhi

    RPing... how many of you have furry rps? any specific styles? themes?

    Would it be your own bad grammar that you got tired of? If so, I cannot see how you deal with your own.
  4. Nakhi

    Would racism exist......

    They'd be feuding with each other, one falls in love with the other, and then a bunch of shit happens? And, knowing furries, it would be some gay shit.
  5. Nakhi

    what is an anti-furry?

    The two anti's would cancel out and create the ultimate furfag. ... Actually, we already have enough of those, let's not do that.
  6. Nakhi

    Have you ever been made for being a furry?

    Well, being a furry is automatic grounds for people making fun of you. As for your brilliant assumption that those that make fun of furries are themselves furry, you are wrong. Most normal people would not want to associate themselves with sex crazed social rejects. As a result, I condone those...
  7. Nakhi

    what is an anti-furry?

    Well, using my powerful powers of deduction, I have come to the conclusion that an "anti-furry" is the opposite of a furry. In other words, a normal person.
  8. Nakhi

    Hey, tell me some furry books.

    Meh, I don't like books with anthros. Read some Tom Clancy. I liked Rainbow Six.
  9. Nakhi

    What am I? (long but please help?)

    Well, I'd say you would fit in easily with tigers. Then again, I could be being biased, but that is what I got from the post.
  10. Nakhi

    What type of fur/fur color do you prefer?

    Now you gone and offended me
  11. Nakhi

    Remember Jonny Bravo?

    You are forgiven since you appear to be smarter than most of the people on here anyway.
  12. Nakhi

    Open Auditions for my audio drama

    Hmm, I want to be the King if possible. I just need details on what to do. Besides, he is basically me in a nutshell. lol
  13. Nakhi

    End of world poll.

    Vote for all the options because I really don't give a damn
  14. Nakhi

    Does being a fur make you more understanding?

    It might make you more understanding, but more than likely, if you aren't already, it will make you gay.
  15. Nakhi

    Any furs go to Thoms Adams Secondary school in Wem?

    The hell it's not. I have only been assaulted 3 times this month. That's down from 5 last month.
  16. Nakhi

    Do the 12 days of xmas start 12 days before or on xmas?

    On second thought, I take that back about being spoiled...
  17. Nakhi

    Do the 12 days of xmas start 12 days before or on xmas?

    So you could get a present every day of the year except for one (or two if it is a leap year)? Hmm... what about a song called "The 364 days of Christmas". At least it would not seem that you are spoiled as fuck and get that many in 12 days.
  18. Nakhi


    I feel bad for the Marines if that avatar bares any similarity to the person.