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    Hiring: Feral Lion Fullbody Shaded Piece with Constellation Background

    So, I'm looking to get a gift for a friend. My idea is to get a full body piece of the character shaded with the background of a constellation. I'm hoping to pay around $100 max for the piece if possible. The character in question is this one (the marks on the leg and cheek are scarring): The...
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    Hiring: Seeking: Multiple Pieces; Character is a feral lioness

    I am looking to get a few pieces of art of my character, Bijoux (reference included at the bottom of the post). She is a bit of an oddity as she is asymmetrical with her design and her reference shows both of her sides (top; left side, bottom; right side) and understand if this incurs a...
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    Hiring: Simple Ref Sheet ($30-$35 Max.)

    I am looking for just a super simple feral ref sheet. All I need is a one sided view, flat colored image with labeled color boxes (with location and hex colors, if possible) somewhere near it to be able to choose from. I only have one image to work from. The character is named Caligula and he...
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    Seeking multiple pieces

    Hey, I'm after a number of pieces to give out as gifts to friends. I don't need these until April so there is some time to be able to do these. I don't have any specific type of commission in mind other than that it be SFW and the artist would be okay with it being used here, the art would...
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    Multi-Character Piece

    First off I'm looking to spend $30 to maybe $50 on this and secondly I need it done before May 24th. I'm after colored pieces so colored sketches and doodles and chibis work since it will be so many characters. I also want the character to look like they are interacting but each can be their...
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    New Character, No Art

    I don't have a ref of a new character of mine, Harbinger Hallow, and I would love one. He is a wolf character and will be missing the tips of his ears and perhaps some fingers and/or toes. I am fine with just colored lineart if that is all that someone is willing to do. His colors will be...
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    Would anyone like to draw my new character?

    Would anyone like to draw my new character? http://i.imgur.com/PPtFIW6.png by http://toast4nat.deviantart.com/ http://i.imgur.com/ZvcxTFG.png by http://lizychan.deviantart.com/
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    Searching for colored canine chibis

    I am looking for cute little chibi type things that are colored. I'm hoping not to spend too much more than $5 each since I need to purchase at least 4, possibly 8 if I can afford it. These are all canine characters. Please leave me prices and examples. Thank you for reading.