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  1. Nordo Huskamute

    I had an idea about cooling suits

    Actually it's been done. These systems are commonplace in other work environments such as firefighting, race car drivers, military applications etc. these guys make a system just for fursuiting... http://fursuitcooling.wix.com/coolsuiting#!cooling/ce4s
  2. Nordo Huskamute

    The rarest Furry. The single, straight female...

    "You look hot as a fox! wanna yiff?" yeahno. Hardly. More curiosity sparked by a private conversation, though being able to share a common hobby is a bonus, its just a hobby making fursuits for me, not a sexual thing.
  3. Nordo Huskamute

    The rarest Furry. The single, straight female...

    Of course you're right. I had not thought if it like that. I was just talking with a friend about the subject on Skype and thought I'd see what the larger audience thought... I prolly could have worded it differently.
  4. Nordo Huskamute

    The rarest Furry. The single, straight female...

    Eh well I should have known better than to seek simple information here. I wasn't looking for someone to pop up and say "LOOK AT ME I'M HERE" Even though I can see how it would seem like it... Carry on.
  5. Nordo Huskamute

    The rarest Furry. The single, straight female...

    Well this kinda got off topic. I was just curious. I am well aware I don't need to be with a furry or with anybody, however it is nice to share a hobby.
  6. Nordo Huskamute

    The rarest Furry. The single, straight female...

    See thats the thing, I think they exist they just are hiding because of this crap... Makes it harder for the normal ones.
  7. Nordo Huskamute

    The rarest Furry. The single, straight female...

    Remember this thread https://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/1201953-Straight-Male-Furs? Well now I turn the tables... Are there more of you out there than it seems?
  8. Nordo Huskamute

    How Old Are You?

    35, been active in the fandom for a couple years now.
  9. Nordo Huskamute

    Distinctive Fabrics quality

    Yeah, don't use their 3" Mongolian or Monkey shag... They are thinner and wavy compared to the 2". DF is a good fur for toony suits but falls short for realistic ones. Theres a whole other world out there of furs for not much more money. I've found most places will send samples for free or...
  10. Nordo Huskamute

    Favorite Discontinued Food

    Jello 1-2-3 and Flav-O-Rush Buffalo Wing chips
  11. Nordo Huskamute

    Need help with Fur & Size OuO

    Mongolian is wavy and kinda thin though it does look a little better when brushed out, its still not great. The arctic fox sold by Fabric.com is a step up from the DF shag, it is fuller, thicker and longer with a more realistic feel, less shiny and hold airbrushing very well. Its roughly...
  12. Nordo Huskamute

    Hobby Lobby not supporting birthcontrol or something

    So you'd rather force your beliefs on that company? Its OK when you do it, right? They aren't keeping anybody from choosing to do anything, they are just allowed, rightfully, to not have to pay for it. Theres this concept, you might have heard of it, called PAY FOR YOUR OWN SHIT. No employer...
  13. Nordo Huskamute

    Fur-finding help needed!

    You can buy it by the yard here: http://www.crscraft.com/products/vProduct1.asp?pid=montMills&L1=3&L2=14&L3=0&L4=0&L5=0&V2=17&V3=0&V4=0&T2=Style&T3=&T4=&cat=Vendor+Listings&sub=&class=&searchOffset=x or here: http://fursuitsupplies.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=35_53 Among other...
  14. Nordo Huskamute

    Hobby Lobby not supporting birthcontrol or something

    YAY we agree 100% on this one. They are a private business and can do whatever they want. People don't have to shop or work there if they don't like it. Too many people interpret freedom *of* religion to mean freedom *from* religion and that simply is not the case. If providing these...
  15. Nordo Huskamute

    Fur-finding help needed!

    Monterey Mills makes a nice quality realistic fox fur that is thick and "flowy" but not too soft. It comes in white, black, silver and rust. The latter two are somewhat hard to find but they're around. CRS Crafts is a good source as is Fursuitsupplies.com and Imstuffedfurs.com
  16. Nordo Huskamute

    San Antonio Texas Furring help needed ASAP!

    You've got a couple weeks, why not just fur it yourself? You said you have everything... There are lots of tutorials online.
  17. Nordo Huskamute

    Straight Male Fursuiters- Non existant?!

    Straight male furry fursuiter here with a wife that thinks I'm cute :o) There are plenty out there, I know several. The thing is, the straight ones don't wear their sexuality on their sleeve so you can see one and not even know it... And yes, I act goofy as hell in suit and hug other suiters...
  18. Nordo Huskamute

    help with material

    If you're going for realistic, I use Apoxy Scuplt. It is a two part epoxy putty that dries very hard but is lightweight and really easy to work with. Its the same stuff DVC and most other makers use for realistic suits. You can order it from Amazon.