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  1. Mustangspark

    Have you managed to get close to a wild animal?

    When I worked in South-America we had wild jaguar visiting our farm several nights. Closest encounter was when he entered the chicken pen and couldn't get out because people surrounded the pen. So cute big cat :) Eventually he was caught and taken away into deeper forest.
  2. Mustangspark

    Faith groups increasingly lose gay rights fights

    That homosexuality is not a sin is not a (religious) belief. Homosexuality is normal part of nature. Homosexuals deserve equal treatment. Sin, however, is a concept invented by certain religious groups. Sin - its is a belief. I am not religious (more specifically, Christian) then the concept of...
  3. Mustangspark

    Walking With Dinosaurs

    Already bought tickets although its on November or something.
  4. Mustangspark

    Hello from Spark

    Thank you everyfur for warm words
  5. Mustangspark

    What's the stpuidist thing you've ever done when drunk?

    Most stupidest... I almost told my non-furry friends that I am gay furry. But my guardian angel stopped me before it was too late.
  6. Mustangspark

    Sometimes, the south is plain scary

    Much of evolution goes on by modifying the existing structures, changing their function, adding parts to them, integrating them with other structures etc. Evolution doesn't mean that every structure starts to evolve from zero with the intention on getting some pre-determined goal. Evolution has...
  7. Mustangspark

    Hello, there!

    Hello and welcome :)
  8. Mustangspark

    Ooer im entirely new to this

    Hello, nice to meet you in furry world.
  9. Mustangspark

    Sometimes, the south is plain scary

    Nature doesn't "choose" actively. Natural selection means the relative differential reproductive success of carriers of different mutations. The ones with "good stinger" have a bit higher rate of success, the ones with "not so close" stinger have a bit less. Both reproduce, but as the first...
  10. Mustangspark

    Sometimes, the south is plain scary

    Not really. You have been only "I don't like evolution". "Why?" "Because I don't know how it works". Very good. This is indeed BEFORE evolution - namely, the beginning of life belongs to another biology science theory - abiogenesis theory (or more accurate in this case is abiogenesis...
  11. Mustangspark

    Sometimes, the south is plain scary

    No. I meant peer-reviewed scientific journals where scientists publish their research in form on scientific articles that meet strict requirements and standards. 1. What does evolution have to do with "something appearing from nothing"? Evolution describes how the genetic composition of...
  12. Mustangspark

    Hello from Spark

    Thank you everyfur. Would gladly talk to other furs.
  13. Mustangspark

    Sometimes, the south is plain scary

    It is debate. Debate is fun. 1. What flaws? 2. Do you also support teaching flat Earth in addition to round one? Geocentric view in addition heliocentric? Witchcraft in addition to physics? Lets teach every mythology in science class and let students decide whether 2+2=4 or 5? This is not a...
  14. Mustangspark

    Sometimes, the south is plain scary

    At first there was a Cube. But yes, a god who can create a complicated universe must himself be at least as complicated as universe. Therefore complexity doesn't show intelligent creation. Otherwise god must have been created.... Welcome to infinite regression.
  15. Mustangspark

    Sometimes, the south is plain scary

    This is not a theory, at least not a scientific one. This is religious idea. Perhaps science doesn't make sense to you simply because you don't know much about it? Your phrase "random chance" shows very well that you do not actually understand much about what scientists say about Universe...
  16. Mustangspark

    Hello from Spark

    Hello, everyfur! Being FA user for some time already, now decided to show up in forums too. So what can I say about myself? I am a horse. I like to draw a bit when I have time, which rarely happens, therefore I haven't contributed much into FA yet. I am Mustangspark in FA too. I feel lonely...
  17. Mustangspark

    Which Fetish is Best?!

    Out of these - bondage. But my favorite fetishes are not listed. :rolleyes:
  18. Mustangspark

    Sometimes, the south is plain scary

    Makes perfect sense to everyone who has studied (quantum) physics and other laws of nature. This is how the Universe works, like it or not. The Universe doesn't care if you like the reality or not. The Universe won't change itself in order to give your life a meaning if you have not found one...
  19. Mustangspark

    any furs from estonia???????

    I am Estonian furry. I had lost all hope to find another Estonian furry. Thought I will be lonely fur forever here. :p Olen Eestist, olen hobuse-furry.
  20. Mustangspark

    how close are u to estonia?

    It is not a pointless thread if it makes it possible for one Estonian fur find at least one another Estonian fur. Which is obviously the point of this topic. I had already lost all hope that there can be any other Estonian furry beside me. Now I know that there is at least one more. :p