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  1. ms05

    Would you ever bring up any furry-related stuff in a conversation with a non-fur?

    The answer is no. Because stating that the said person you're talking to is a non-fur makes the assumption that they know what furries are and don't want to associate themselves with the fandom already.
  2. ms05

    What in the hell is a furry lifestyler?

    I've seen this term thrown around a lot. It's usually inserted into any hobby someone has a passion for. Like I'm interested in paintball, and I see lots of people on Paintball Forums with signitures that say: "Paintball isnt a game, its a lifestyle". You just cant take it literally all the...
  3. ms05

    "I'm not the only one!" (Has this happened to you?)

    my only "i'm not the only one" moment was when I found out there were other people who were into the same shit as me.
  4. ms05

    Your thoughts on a "Closed Race"

    Legally there's nothing stopping you from making a character like that if your own. They don't like it, well tough.
  5. ms05

    Why does everyone need drugs and/or alcohol to have fun???

    I don't need those things to have fun. The type of company I choose to keep feels mostly the same way. If there's even alcohol at our get-togethers (and mind you, we're all of age), its never the focus or really anything but a side note to whatever we're actually celebrating by partying.
  6. ms05

    Scottish Independence Referendum

    It's amazing how little media attention this story received here in the US.
  7. ms05

    Confessions thread

    I once dated a girl for 4 months even though I wasn't sexually interested in her at all. She just really liked me for some reason (she asked me out!). I feel bad for not being honest with her about myself, but at the same time it was just nice to be "wanted" for once that I had trouble...
  8. ms05

    Confessions thread

    I've never had a wet dream to my knowledge and I'm not quite sure how to feel about that. Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out.
  9. ms05

    Popularity of hugs in the furry fandom

    I generally am not the hugging type, unless its a significant other or close family member.
  10. ms05

    most aesthetically pleasing furries?

    For me, dragons are always number 1.
  11. ms05

    What's your occupation?

    I'm a student who works part time in an old school arcade.
  12. ms05

    Confessions thread

    I'm still confused about my own sexuality. Because the kind of shit that gets me off on the internet really has no translation to real life situations, and if they did it would just creep me out...
  13. ms05

    Any Gundam fans here?

    I just want the origin to come out in the states.
  14. ms05

    Beginner Furry '3' Teach me yo ways!

    Then our work here is done. But lets continue anyway. Next you'll probably wonder what's the best way to bring up furries with others/family in real life and the answer to that is don't, its a bad idea 99% of the time.
  15. ms05

    Looking to get new music

    Pretty Lights is my favorite electronic artist. So soulful and uses great samples mixed with original material. His newest album "A Color Map of the Sun" is nothing but original songs and I loved it.
  16. ms05

    Straight Male Fursuiters- Non existant?!

    All the interesting threads are.
  17. ms05

    I am new

    Hello! Were glad to have you!
  18. ms05

    collars leashes cat nip laser pointers?

    Can't back out now, make it so.
  19. ms05

    Furry Items, To Wear In Public. (Without Making A Big Deal)

    I usually keep my furry attire limited to video game shirts that feature furry characters, like a have a starfox shirt and a couple Sly Cooper shirts I picked up off ebay. It's a double whammy, because those are 2 of my favorite video games as well, and they don't rise suspicion from non-furs.
  20. ms05

    Any bone collectors here?

    Wow those look really cool! I have been fascinated with anatomy as well for a while, and have a small collection of bones I've found in my woods. I usually try to identify them myself and then look them up online to see if I was correct.