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  1. Cocobanana

    Things you used to hate but now like/love

    (Edit: I don't know how to change the thread title, meant to say 'things you used to hate but now like/love' could someone please change it? :D) Growing up, I couldn't stand green olives or mushrooms. Now I can eat the former out of a jar and don't pick the latter off of supreme pizzas anymore.
  2. Cocobanana

    Why Are Furries Awesome?

    Because we eat and sleep and poop like everyone else while doing it all with an extra big dose of fun and self-awareness. Ole!
  3. Cocobanana

    Looking For IFC Roommates

    Very last minute, but I found out that Indy Fur Con happens the weekend before I go back to college and do it hardcore. The little money I have guarantees being able to afford splitting a room in as many ways as possible, but on my own it wouldn't work. So if there is anyone here with a room who...
  4. Cocobanana

    Fursuit Dancers

    Fursuit dancing videos are usually fun to watch. They make me want to get a suit of my own just so I can compete at fursuit dance competitions. Seeing plain clothes folks dance is already cool but seeing those moves performed in a cute and fuzzy animal suit makes it so much cooler. Unfortunately...
  5. Cocobanana


    This FA journal, which gives anyone who comments a free haiku, inspired me to make a thread about haikus: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/6875026/ There are many problems today that could be solved through the entertaining and meaningful combination of words. If our president was able to use...
  6. Cocobanana

    Are You Shitting Me?

    From the masterful production company that brought you the Grown Ups and Paul Blart franchises comes the sequel that not even your invalid Grandmother whispered for while evacuating her bowels. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHm34jVpeIo If it wasn't already clear between the Transformers...
  7. Cocobanana


    One day a cinnamon roll man rolled through the woods, collecting dirt and leaves with his sticky waist. Suddenly, he bumps into an orange roll man with a mean eye and a chipped bucktooth. "Hey there, these here isa mah mammys woods, git outta hurr!" the orange roll man screams. Mister cinnamon...
  8. Cocobanana

    My Poetry (3 recent examples)

    I'd love to hear people's thoughts, good or bad, on my poetry. I'm getting an English degree eventually and need all the criticism I can get. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16863422/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16845790/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16813451/
  9. Cocobanana

    Are Humans Animals?

    Imo humans aren't better or worse than other animals. Contrary to what some religious folks would like you to believe, we do not have greater importance than a fly, a cat, or an eel. Maybe we are more important to each other, since humans help humans more often than other creatures do, but...
  10. Cocobanana

    The Best Ways to Pleasure Yourself

    When I want to pleasure myself, I enjoy being in a relaxed environment for one. With that established, my greatest pleasure comes from enthralling music, a good movie on Netflix, or some funny Youtube videos. My methods of self-pleasure are likely not too uncommon, although the twist is that I...
  11. Cocobanana

    Announcing new 'The Daily Show' host: Trevor Noah!

    Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/31/arts/television/trevor-noah-to-succeed-jon-stewart-on-the-daily-show.html I have never been a constant watcher of TDS but have always enjoyed the clips I saw. After having seen examples of the new guy, it seems like he will do a good job if he doesn't...
  12. Cocobanana

    'Intellectual' Fight Picking

    From my experience, I've been more willing to look back on a potentially faulty personal philosophy when presented with information in a fair manner by someone who lives in an admirable fashion. If they act like they have all the answers they need, and believe so much in helping others become a...
  13. Cocobanana

    Are We Friends?

    Given how life is a gray area, there isn't a standard for determining how much of yourself is not enough or too much within the context of a friendship. My current understanding is that a casual friend is someone you talk to from time to time and will maybe high-five at local events. A good (or...
  14. Cocobanana

    How Not To Worry?

    Today in my Astronomy class, the teacher continued his lecture about the planets local to our solar system. After finishing up with Venus... it was time to discuss Earth. This is where the feared 'global warming' rears its ugly head. He provided statistics that say the CO2 levels are higher now...
  15. Cocobanana

    A New Video Game System

    There are pros and cons to all the new gaming systems coming out. My parents surprised me with a wildcard gift where they said I could get any system I wanted... but part of why I enjoy games is for the multiplayer experience along with the singer player puzzles and adventures and platformers...
  16. Cocobanana


    Do you like when anyone gives you advice? How about when they ask you for advice? Do you like to take or give advice more or less depending on who is giving it? I tend to get annoyed if people offer me advice without my asking for it, though it's less annoying when someone my own age who I...
  17. Cocobanana

    Full House & Other 'Corny' Sitcoms

    I have the biggest guilty pleasure hard-on for Full House. Every line fights so hard, and fails, to be the cool catchphrase of the week and I can't help but laugh maniacally at the cheese, ALL the cheese. What guilty pleasure sitcoms do you guys enjoy watching, if any?
  18. Cocobanana

    Sharing A Room For NYEC (Oak Brook, IL)

    There's a cute little one night only furry con that begins the evening of New Years Eve and continues into the wee morning hours. Since it's semi-local, I plan on attending and getting a room so there's somewhere to put my stuff and then sleep when my body refuses to move a minute more. It would...
  19. Cocobanana

    Hugs or no hugs?

    As a general rule, I've always enjoyed giving and getting hugs. When someone I'm with can accept my expression of physical vulnerability through a hug or a handshake it makes me feel more at ease. However, I've gradually come to experience that while there are some groups of friends who always...
  20. Cocobanana

    Pick-me-ups <3

    Even the best of us will succumb to lapses in joy or self-motivation. What are some of the most potent things you can do for yourself, or that someone else can do for you, that gets you back on your feet and ready to smile for the whole world once again? Self: Being a huge movie fan, one of my...