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  1. Glitch

    Glitchsuit 3.0 In Progress! [Image Heavy]

    I almost forgot this thread existed. I mostly just kept the updates going on Tumblr. :V Seeing as I finished up might as well show that. Bodysuit vid showing digitigrade (warning it was late when I made it so it's a bit painful to listen to) Hair appreciation Oh yeah don't worry I...
  2. Glitch

    Glitchsuit 3.0 In Progress! [Image Heavy]

    EDIT: Oops, I think I put it in the wrong section. Can this be moved to Tutorials and Critiques, please? Again, this is image heavy and the formatting might be horrible. Whee it has been forever since I have posted here! So after being out of suiting for a couple/few years I decided to get...
  3. Glitch


    Come back to FAF after months of being away and I see these beautiful threads. Need a drink almost. Bottoms up. (such a forced pun holy christ I don't even drink)
  4. Glitch

    What instruments do you play? (OFFICIAL)

    I play, from main to for-funsies: Clarinet - A Selmer Bundy hand me down from hell of sorts. I really am above the level of it, but my parents never wanted to spend money after I started back in middle school. Oh well. I can play bass clarinet too but I never really got to do much with it...
  5. Glitch

    Repercussions of becoming anthropomorphic?

    You mean there isn't one there already? :v
  6. Glitch

    What is Art?

    Art is hard to define and I will gladly shoot down readymades and the vast majority of meme/rageface bull (how that even came into the discussion, I am not sure), to be honest. - Slightly off topic and opinion alert. I have seen many people use the "anything can be art" spiel in an attempt to...
  7. Glitch

    Demon Dog WIP Chronicles

    First off, gorgeous! Great to see this and I hope to use what you shared as a sort of guide for my next project, whenever that may be! Second and unrelated, I grew up in Waukesha. :v Never expected to see anyone from around there really as I haven't lived there since I was 7. Talk about a...
  8. Glitch

    what other fandoms/subcultures do you belong to?

    Doctor Who, then recently way into Mother/Earthbound, and other various video games. And a band geek, as long as those count as their own subculture. :v
  9. Glitch

    Who here likes lapfox?

    I know why he keeps things separate. It's not difficult to understand. I am not talking about people who make jokes; I am talking about people who would stick their nose up in the air and say how disgusting someone is for being into something (aka actual shaming). There is a fine line between...
  10. Glitch

    I don't see what the big deal is about vore

    Yes, there are plenty of people with extreme fetishes who also feel crappy about themselves. I admit I am into weird stuff, and speaking from my personal experience as well as drawing from what others have said, it largely comes from comments and quips made by others. "Weird" is pretty tame...
  11. Glitch

    Who here likes lapfox?

    Because people totally don't draw things of his characters. :v You still don't see him posting it all over his main site, main blogs, or Twitter accounts. It still stands that he isn't shoving it on anyone in any way. This fandom has some form of miserable rod shoved up it's ass, I swear...
  12. Glitch

    Who here likes lapfox?

    Mocking someone for a kink/most anything sexual is a stupid thing to do. He keeps his stuff separate from his main musical identity (/identities), so it's not like he's having a massive dick parade. "Ha ha ha some people are into weird things, look at how weird they are!" It's basically...
  13. Glitch

    Who here likes lapfox?

    I actually enjoy a lot of LapFox stuff, primarily his older work, the Queenstons, and Bandetto. As it has been established, yeah, it's not for everyone. As a person he is pretty rad. Can't help but laugh at the people making dumb comments about his kinks/interests though. Honestly though...
  14. Glitch


    Three years later and I find my writing in the OP... cringe-worthy at best, God-awful at just-about-worst. Ugh. Still think that coming out as furry is dumb as hell, though. And ha, 2 the Ranting Gryphon. Ha.
  15. Glitch

    Would you bang your own fursona?

    I would. Both of them (one male, one female, don't care). At once.
  16. Glitch

    spirit guides, strange dreams and ways to sum it up?

    I remember having a dream where I got turned into a purple dragon after narrowly escaping death by cheetah mauling in Starbucks at a cruise ship port. I flew out over the sea where barrels of root beer fell from the sky and crashed me into the sea. I drowned after I got tangled in sentient...
  17. Glitch

    Furry election 2012.

    Oh God, great. Come back after months and within five minutes I see this cluster. Go Obama, screw Romney and pretty much the entire right wing. I try to see some good in people but when it comes to Ryan, Romney, Akin, Mourdock, Bachmann... You should get the picture. I'd rather have a...
  18. Glitch

    Attraction to Anthros - Is this Unusual?

    I would be lying if I said I wasn't attracted to anthros in many senses of the word. Depending on the setting, I would/would not feel weird about it. Of course I don't say how I'd want to do dog-people with mixed company at the dinner table.
  19. Glitch

    NC, USA: Man Fires Shotgun Into Neighbor's Yard Sign Against Ammendment One

    I never said you crossed a line. "1) you're acting like you're threatening people when you talk about 'holding back'" I'm not. That isn't at people who say gay marriage is wrong. That is at people who say I am diseased for who I love. You can't honestly think that is something appropriate...
  20. Glitch

    NC, USA: Man Fires Shotgun Into Neighbor's Yard Sign Against Ammendment One

    Then he can lay off. My posts are not made for his enjoyment. Not all opinions are presented in the same way. My phrasing is scatterbrained because I am one angry person. Not because of Term, but because there is a lot of outside shit going on. Not that I expect people of these forums to...