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  1. Glossolalia

    When doing comms/requests, what's your process for interpreting characters into your style?

    If the reference art is anything but super realistic, sometimes I find myself second guessing which changes are acceptable to make when translating it into my style (Is their snout canonically really tiny, or does that artist just happen to draw all snouts smaller than I do? I don't usually draw...
  2. Glossolalia

    What's your internal monologue like?

    The aphantasia thread got me curious about what it's like in everyone's heads. Do you have an internal monologue? Is it constant or sporadic? Does it take the form of full sentences or little fragments? Does it have a voice? Does it change depending on the situation? Mine usually...
  3. Glossolalia

    What are you grateful for?

    I thought it would be a nice comfort to talk about the things we appreciate in our lives. What are some specific things you're grateful for right now? It might be something big and important, or something small and silly that helps get you through the day. I'm grateful that my home is stocked...
  4. Glossolalia

    (Commission) Selling: Headshots and chibis, $7

    I'm opening up commissions for the first time! For now I'm only offering headshots and chibis in flat colours. Hand inked, digitally coloured drawings. PayPal only. Full TOS here: Terms of service
  5. Glossolalia

    Deciding on colour palettes

    When I'm not drawing my already established characters, my process for furry art is usually: -doodle improvised characters in pencil until I have a drawing I'd like to finish -ink drawing -scan and colour digitally At this point I almost always find myself endlessly switching around the...
  6. Glossolalia


    I made this account last winter but haven't posted until now! I'm a university student/artist from Canada. For the last decade I didn't think of myself as a furry because I'm not a "lifestyler" and I never used to participate in the community. But I always found myself coming back to furry art-...