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  1. ArtGirl205

    I've made two breakthroughs regarding the music piece I've searching for 15 years.

    First one is the music took at least 4 or 5 seconds or maybe even 7 to start second is I've likely identified the melody at the start those first four notes The very beginning of it is exactly as I Thought it was... I kept saying it reminded me of the opening themes to the shining and...
  2. ArtGirl205

    Still on the search.. been working my brain so hard to remember it better

    I have come to a conclusion that this.. music I tried to hum that I've been trying to find since for so very long is not classical music at all... despite the peaceful melody I recall near the end, from what I remember it had a modern feel to it... it could've been recorded in the 90s or early...
  3. ArtGirl205

    I am very fustrated about something

    Hopefully that was at least more helpful then just writing down the tunes if you remember what film it was let me know
  4. ArtGirl205

    I am very fustrated about something

    I think there is one last resort I can use... and that is to create the tunes I remember with a recording and digital editing.. maybe someone somewhere will somehow recognise it.... I hope
  5. ArtGirl205

    I am very fustrated about something

    The music is nice and has that tense feeling But the vibes still aren't the same One of the difficulties I'm having with the music I only recall bits and pieces of Is properly identifying the instruments used I do remember the final loud drum beats at the end which sort of came out of nowhere...
  6. ArtGirl205

    I am very fustrated about something

    I remember that it was a slideshow YouTube video that the music was on Thanks for trying to help though It had a very distinctive opening Just a few trumpets or other brass section instruments going, bahhh bahh bahhh or dahh dahh dahhh Before going into the high pitch screeching violins or...
  7. ArtGirl205

    I am very fustrated about something

    I keep getting the feeling its the score of a thriller or horror film from around the early 2000s
  8. ArtGirl205

    I am very fustrated about something

    I mean the music I remember It was a fairly long YouTube slideshow with still photos and no video clips
  9. ArtGirl205

    I am very fustrated about something

    Ooh could you link some of them Or tell me the titles also the music went on for at least 18 or 20 something minutes
  10. ArtGirl205

    I am very fustrated about something

    Okay.. turns out I hit another dead end sadly but I did make a post here about the music that might be more helpful https://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/help-me-track-down-this-music-i-havent-heard-in-16-years.1680705/
  11. ArtGirl205

    I am very fustrated about something

    Fluxbender I swear if you have lead me to what I've been searching for for so very long I will cry and cry many happy tears. I'm listening to the video now.. while the second one doesn't give off the vibes or is the music I have not given up hope as there is still 38 minutes to go of the video...
  12. ArtGirl205

    Help me track down this music I haven't heard in 16 years.

    The very opening of it had this eerie or forboding daaah dahhhh dahhh sort of tune that may have been done with brass instruments like trumpets or trombones after that part it quickly segued into some very high pitch screechy violins if I had to describe how it went I'd say it sounded like...
  13. ArtGirl205

    I am very fustrated about something

    but I guess I could try again and do it correctly this time
  14. ArtGirl205

    I am very fustrated about something

    I tried that sub reddit before it wouldn't accept my post because it was a music related one and music posts don't have the same requirements as other ones so I couldn't find an easy way to talk about my fustration with wanting to track down that music
  15. ArtGirl205

    What's your nostalgic song?

    Oh wow were do I begin? there are heaps of songs I know that I would consider nostalgic if I had to pick one it would be the Ketchup song by Asereje
  16. ArtGirl205

    Cartoon German-Shepard

  17. ArtGirl205

    Hello ^^

  18. ArtGirl205

    Um... Hi?

    Hello and welcome to the furaffinty forums
  19. ArtGirl205

    I am very fustrated about something

    I am never going to find that scary sound track from my childhood Why? because I have no fucking way to tell if its from a film.. or a videogame.. and I highly doubt it's a classic music piece. All I remember are just a few snippets of music.. very scary music like I said the kind that...