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  1. Gavrill

    Luft: like Skift, only more generic

    So yeah here's a fox ~again~. Whole point of this character is getting a partial fursuit of him since the markings are simple and I love white fur for some reason? No reason I can't make this a thing I guess ANYWAYS Name: Luft Age: Whatever I say he is >:[ Sex: Male Species: Fox. Probably white...
  2. Gavrill

    Penguin cam - watch penguins erreday

    http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/frozen-planet/penguin-cam/ This is the penguin cam. It contains Emperor, King, Gentoo, Adelie (sp?) and Macaroni penguins at Sea World's penguin exhibit. It's fun, features penguins interacting with both human keepers and the camera itself, and will make you go :3...
  3. Gavrill

    I would like a tigurr.

    So, I've recently been doodling a bengal tiger character I've been affectionately calling "Sludge". She's ~not my fursona~ but I would really love to see what people come up with for her. She's a female tiger with a red mohawk (on the small-ish to medium size and kind of spiky), normal colors...
  4. Gavrill

    Kuku the Ancona chicken

    Name: Kuku (my friend's kid named him that; "Kuku like a coo-coo clock!") Age: No defined age, probably mid twenties. Sex: Male Species: Ancona chicken Height: 5'9" ish Weight: no idea because hollow bones yadda yadda. Appearance: Upright chicken with wingarms? Hair/fur: lolnope (His...
  5. Gavrill

    FWA 2012

    Whhhoooo all is going this year? Figured it's in March sooo now's the time to start talking about it obviously. I will be going unless something happens in which case I will not be going. :V It will be my fist con. I'll probably stay at the hotel depending on how many friends in Atlanta I...
  6. Gavrill

    Image/Thumbnail Problems: Avatar upload issues

    I've been trying to upload an avatar on FA that fits the requirements, but nothing shows up. It's a 100x100 image, jpg, 18.5 KB. There's no error message, it just never shows up. I've F5ed, ctrl+F5ed, cleared caches, tinkered with Chrome to see if it was acting up, but nothing seems to be...
  7. Gavrill

    Codi the animal

    I figured I would post this since I never did. Basically when I left FA my friend was like GIVE ME NAME, I GIVE YOU CHARACTER and I was like, w/e, Codi. Then she bought me a thing, it was great. Anyway. Name: Codi Age: 20 Species: ...Good question! Sex: Male, can be drawn female but is usually...
  8. Gavrill

    9 people hearing for the first time

    Cochlear implants in 9 people (most are children, they're all pretty amazing). Link. It's just a really sweet article I thought I'd share c:
  9. Gavrill

    Cringe Coyote

    Just an idea I had. Feedback appreciated. Name: Cringe Age: 20 Sex: Female, genderqueer Species: Coyote Appearance: Thin and gangling. Mangy around her rump, shoulders, neck, and inner thighs. Slight hunchback. Bad limp in left leg. Half a tail. No breasts. -Hair and fur: Silver topline, white...
  10. Gavrill

    Printer/scanner issue

    In this house there are two scanners. Apparently they both work on my landlord's computer (desktop) but he may already have them installed. I'm not allowed to use his computer (fair enough, because he can't use mine, etc). My mom used to be able to use them but then her hard drive crashed and...
  11. Gavrill

    Random birfday requests

    My birthday is on the 25th and I know I'm getting older and poorer so birthdays are less fun. But they don't have to be. I think it's a good time to reflect on the past year and party just cuz you can. c: Anyways, I have three characters, all of them are pretty uncomplicated I think? Just let...
  12. Gavrill

    Cleaning house on chickensmoothie. Art for pets?

    I'm not a huge fan of the CS community and honestly the whole thing is getting old to me. I started collecting during the faire last month, now I have over 200 pets. Includes mostly uncommons, commons, and uhhh a rare or two I think? So yep, anyone want those? I'd like art in return but...
  13. Gavrill

    Pandy (Nidoran/Growlithe)

    So I've been working on a ~pokesona~ for months and came up with this thing. I liek doodling her Name: Pandy Age: 20 (I'll be 20 on the 25th, might as well put it now. But she's timeless in that sort of "pokemon never die at least in your party" way.) Sex: Female Species: Shiny nidoran male...
  14. Gavrill


    HEY THERE, FURRY. YES, YOU. DO YOU LIKE FREE ART? GOOD! THEN ASK FOR FREE DOODLES HERE! HOLY UP TIGER, THERE BE RULES HERE. stop freakin out man, they're simple: -No porn -Nothing overly complicated (I am a master of scribbles, not of actual art jeez) -try to make it silly, or just leave...
  15. Gavrill

    fan character: William the composite creature

    -This isn't a fursona, I just wanted feedback on this character. -This is a fan character of the Fraken Fran series so some of the names may be confusing. Name: William Age: n/a Sex: male, but has no exposed genitalia Species: Composite creature made up of several insects and a human base...
  16. Gavrill

    Plushie suit? What

    So I recently heard about a thing called "plushie suits" which apparently is supposed to make your suit look and feel like a stuffed animal. I'm going to take a quote from a site that offers them. Just...wondering but, wouldn't that be incredibly fucking hot? Where would you even wear it? Is...
  17. Gavrill

    Fun regional things

    This title is vague and so is the thread kind of. In areas that you are familiar with, are there things that are unique to those areas that you like? From living around a few different places in the southeast, I've found that there are a few things that are impossible or difficult to find...
  18. Gavrill

    Bruder the Serval

    Name/nicknames: Bruder Cheerwine, also goes by: Bruderp, Brudurrrrrr, Bro, Brother, Sibling, Rainbro, Brodo, Broseph, Broski, Broseidon, Brokemon, Bro-back Mountain, Brodo Faggins, etc Age: 19 Sex: Manly man man Species: Satellite-eared Spottycat (Serval) Height/weight: average n shit...
  19. Gavrill

    Saints Row 3: Hit people with phallic objects THE THREAD

    What brilliant people have pre-ordered this game? In case you have no idea what this game is about, let me give you a quick run down. dildo bats tornado smash deal w/ it cats And of course... Who's in? I'd go ahead and preorder if I had the golds.
  20. Gavrill

    Goal: 4bux. Help it come true! |3

    http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2524473/ Tl;dr OMG REF FOR A CHARACTER I TOTALLY JUST ENVISIONED I WANT IT. Pay is after completion because I am a known flake. So I'm sellin derps for $1. They are all about the same size but i could probably make a small reference for you from that...