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  1. Anubite

    NJ Furries

    I know its probably been posted a thousand times, but I am curious to see if anyone on this board is in North Jersey.
  2. Anubite

    First Fursona

    Name: Karnak Age: 18 Sex: Male Species: Jackal Height: 6 Weight: 195 Appearance: - Hair and fur: Slate Gray with a long thin deep blue stripe from nose to the tail. Has a lot of fur going down the back - Markings: Black patches on the paws and shoulders, orange ear tips and and orange neck...
  3. Anubite

    Hello people!

    Hello everyone, been lurking on here for a few weeks and decided to get involved. I am into the artistic and hobbyist aspect of the fandom because for me, a new hobby that involves making something that i can be proud of is awesome. I am into war-gaming and history as well as most everything...