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  1. Ra'ara Su'nai

    Looking for some kinky NSFW romance

    It’s best to talk kinks in DM or discord. Discord is the platform I use more. Feel free to reached out Ra'ara Su'nai#5159
  2. Ra'ara Su'nai

    Seeking romantic Master/Pet play(NSFE

    (Typo in the title. Supposed to say NSFW) As the title says, I’m looking for a romantic play between master and willing pet(you will play the pet.) Any gender pairing is welcome, but straight is preferred. There will be much cudddling and kissing, possibly some light bondage, and more up for...
  3. Ra'ara Su'nai

    We don’t deserve dogs

    But we are so glad to have them
  4. Ra'ara Su'nai

    Nimbat love

    Had this a while and I think the thread for it got totally buried or deleted, so I’m gonna post her art again
  5. Ra'ara Su'nai

    Seeking romantic slice of life with some NSFW

    The title is pretty clear ^_^ I’ve got a pretty good variety of characters to choose from, both male and female, and I have art for most of them. I strongly prefer MxF pairings, but with a good story, I can enjoy MxM or MxF, and herms and C-boys are not out of the question. A cute aspect I enjoy...
  6. Ra'ara Su'nai

    Seeking someone to play a sub Lucario

    Just as it says on the title. More details available when you PM me, as it is NSFW so I won't share details in public.
  7. Ra'ara Su'nai

    Seeking new RP partners

    Just as the title says, I'm looking for new people to RP with. I'm all for discussing ideas. Don't be afraid to approach. Worst I'll do it say no.
  8. Ra'ara Su'nai

    NSFW fursuit makers

    I’m just gonna come right out and say it. My girlfriend is looking to get an NSFW fursuit made. It’s one of her biggest dreams, but she has been striking out left and right trying to find someone. Does anyone on here make or know someone who does makes NSFW fursuits and is accepting commissions?
  9. Ra'ara Su'nai

    Appreciate the Nimbat?

    My Nimbat, Michiko Hasumi, has been unattended for quite some time. She works hard, has gotten to a rather successful position in life, but she doesn't truly have the respect of those who work under her. She really needs someone who respects her, appreciates her, maybe even makes her their...
  10. Ra'ara Su'nai

    Seeking romantic nsfw Pokémon RP

    Just like the title says. Hit me up on Discord if you’re interested. Ra'ara Su'nai#5159
  11. Ra'ara Su'nai

    The teal

    Dunno why I never posted the ref sheet if my fursona before, but here he is, along with pics of my fursuit of him because why not! Also got a picture of me in suit hugging my mom.
  12. Ra'ara Su'nai

    My Taguel Girl

    Commissioned her a while back, figured might as well share her. Meet Ami!
  13. Ra'ara Su'nai

    Got my fursuit at last!

    Included picture, happy to finally show it off! Question to fellow suitors. When you first got your suit, did it feel a bit weird wearing a one piece outfit for the first time. Mine feels like it’s a bit tight when I try to raise my arms, but if I had it made longer, I fear there would have been...
  14. Ra'ara Su'nai

    Looking for some new Discord RP partners

    Just as the title says, I'm looking for new partners. I can often bring new ideas every day, but if I really like an idea, long term RP can happen if there is story. Hit me up at Ra'ara Su'nai#5159
  15. Ra'ara Su'nai

    RAM Recommendations?

    My laptop is a little on the older side, and it only has the 4GB RAM that it came default with. Lenovo Ideapad 330-151GM with a model number of 61D1, B1D1 or 81D1(having trouble telling which one on that somewhat faded sticker.) Any recommendations?
  16. Ra'ara Su'nai

    Looking for story-based RP for my first ever OC

    Though ILost count of the years since she came to life in my mind, I still fondly remember my first OC(borderline a fursona, actually). An Umbreon, by the name of Raine, she has been there waiting for me, even when other characters were playing and she had to sit and wait in solitude. I want to...
  17. Ra'ara Su'nai

    Seeking some deeply romantic MxF RP(18+)

    I’m pretty easy to get along with in terms of setting, having characters that can fit Fantasy, Modern, and Sci-fi. Some can even fit more than one, and I’ve got a good spread of male and female characters alike(though there are not many for whom I have art.) Must haves: Romance Dating Kissing...
  18. Ra'ara Su'nai

    LF Romantic slice of life RP

    So just as the title says, I'm hoping to find a sort of calm slice of life RP with a focus on building up romance. NSFW can come later on, but it won't be a focal point. I've had a lot of those lately, and I just want a more casual RP right now. Big requirement for this is I want the pairing...
  19. Ra'ara Su'nai

    Who else thinks this needs to be a fursuit?

    So Cygames just released a new dragon in their mobile game Dragalia Lost. Someone please tell me this screams fursuit brought to life!
  20. Ra'ara Su'nai

    LF Pokemon RP

    Just as the title says. I've got a few characters in mind to use, and a few ideas. PM me here on the forum if you're interested and I'll tell you more then.