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  1. LegitWaterfall

    Coming out

    You do not have to "come out" as a furry. Being a furry is an interest, a hobby, not a drastic life-impacting decision.
  2. LegitWaterfall

    Why do Furries love Steven Universe?

    Why do idiotic people have to ruin good things?
  3. LegitWaterfall

    Why do Furries love Steven Universe?

    I thoroughly enjoy the cartoon, you just have to push through the first season. I started watching it from episode one, and the show has really come a long way.
  4. LegitWaterfall

    Angel Dragon "rules"?

    I remember posting the WIP photos of my bird/dragon hybrid fur suit head, and not five minutes later I received a comment that all but said (and I could be overreacting) "You're copying Telephone". The dragon I was using just happened to have the short snout, wave-y horns, and face spikes that...
  5. LegitWaterfall

    How to gain weight?

    Eat a lot of food and try not to be active.
  6. LegitWaterfall

    Ever posted pictures that were received beyond your expectations?

    I'm noticing a pattern. When work has less effort in it, it's more favored...
  7. LegitWaterfall

    things you just dont understand

    Why I can't be happy with a personal decision for more than a few days.
  8. LegitWaterfall

    Angel Dragon "rules"?

    Of course, I understand that. What I meant was, why have a character if you must restrict markings (no ring on the snout, for ex.), names, or basic physical appearance? I was referring to rule restriction, not so much the universal restriction. I wouldn't enjoy having my inbox crammed with...
  9. LegitWaterfall

    Words you never said

    Went real well with a guy for a year and a half. Never a single fight, hours of silly and loving conversations, we were always there for one another, and we were the most important person in each other's lives...then life got busy and I spent less and less time away from him, and lost my...
  10. LegitWaterfall

    things you just dont understand

    My taste in cars.
  11. LegitWaterfall

    What have you submitted to FA recently?

    I posted a Red memoir before this but majority saw that one: http://www.furaffinity.net/full/17195557/
  12. LegitWaterfall

    Cliché furries

    Don't get me going on the rainbow ones...
  13. LegitWaterfall

    Cliché furries

    Nobody's said anything about leg warmers and rave accessories and shit like that?
  14. LegitWaterfall

    Words you never said

    "Why'd you invite me? You don't fucking care about me at all, I'm an embarrassment to you. You're wasting your time and mine. Your mom made you invite me, didn't she?" I believe this is what I held back when a "friend" invited me to her birthday a few times.
  15. LegitWaterfall

    Why Are Furries Awesome?

    I dunno, I'm kind of fearing the day that some of them try to return here...
  16. LegitWaterfall

    What scares you?

    Pouting dolls and those little pool things with the hose that roll around the bottom and clean the water.
  17. LegitWaterfall

    My Fursona description

    This guy.
  18. LegitWaterfall


    Did anyone ever play that old computer game Zoombinis?
  19. LegitWaterfall

    Things u didn't know about furries

    Someone's cranky.