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  1. Koriekraiz13

    Rules for life

    15. watch Scooby-Doo 2: monsters unleashed
  2. Koriekraiz13

    Need help with practice

    I'm Unsure about the density, its close to that of curtains. And I have in navy, dark blue and light blue.
  3. Koriekraiz13

    Need help with practice

    It's polycotton. Not faux fur, and even if I tried it would be dead itchy, bone skinny and would make a walmart mascot look like a DHC suit.
  4. Koriekraiz13

    Tell a bad joke

    An atheist, a vegan, and a cross-fitter walk into a bar. The only reason I know this is cause they told everyone in the first two minutes of their arrival.
  5. Koriekraiz13

    Game: bad genies

    Granted, they're now attracted to your family and friends. I wish to feel refreshed every morning.
  6. Koriekraiz13

    Say ONE thing about you.

    100% do it as well. I can spend 90% of a day doing nothing but read web comics.
  7. Koriekraiz13


    Currently I am 15 and I turn 16 in december. I've been drawing since I was 10 and started drawing furries since I was 12 in febuary 2018: when I discovered the furry fandom. I'm not bad at it, but I wouldn't consider myself an artist but just someone who enjoys art and design.
  8. Koriekraiz13

    What do you put on scrambled eggs?

    Salt and paprika, *chef kiss* it's divine.
  9. Koriekraiz13

    1000 ways to die

    R2- 20: heard someone yell "ANDY'S COMING" while you were on the top of the empire state building, looking over the edge.
  10. Koriekraiz13

    The Great Hot Beverage War of 19-20!!!

    Fine, lets use razor leaf on ben.
  11. Koriekraiz13

    Questions and Answers

    A male, Hyena-wolf hybrid called Kellil Mitren. What is the answer to life, the universe and everything? Plus where can I get something to eat after finding out?
  12. Koriekraiz13

    The Great Hot Beverage War of 19-20!!!

    I request a Petition to have Ben burnt at the stake for their crimes against humanity.
  13. Koriekraiz13

    "favorite fruit" thread

    Dragonfruit for the looks, mangoes, strawberries, kiwis and persimmons for the taste.
  14. Koriekraiz13

    Questions and Answers

    One of the english teachers in my school, HUGE terminator fan, great guy and very chill when the time was right. HIs classroom had so many good poster, and for christmas jumper day he wore a street fighter one. One for the books. What's the biggest word you know?
  15. Koriekraiz13

    Questions and Answers

    Ayleeyuns, Scratch 21 Favourite Ice cream flavour?
  16. Koriekraiz13

    Rate the profile picture above you

    7 out of 10. simple, calm and easy on the eyes.