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  1. Xaerun

    I Killed A Man

    Hi everyone! So now that I have slain the previous Xaerun, I am taking his place as the new one. For those of you a little newer, the old Xaerun used to be a staff member before he was framed in his father's murder, forced to hide in a variety of roles as he cleared his name. I've killed him...
  2. Xaerun

    Dubstep Juggling

    BiC51tqEmME Holy shit
  3. Xaerun

    Something to waste your time with

    http://www.uniqlo.jp/uniqlock/ I don't really understand it, but it's a clock I guess? With other things? Sometimes kinda cool clips appear?
  4. Xaerun

    AC Brotherhood

    Who owns it? Who likes it? When I got it yesterday I played the shit out of the multiplayer, found it to be pretty fun and tense- one gripe I have is it seems to take FOREVER to find any games, particularly Wanted games. Other than that though, the satisfaction and intensity of hiding in a...
  5. Xaerun

    Account Registration/ Login Problems!

    Okay. We are aware account registration is disabled; we disabled it. There is no ETA as to when it will return, and there may or may not be an announcement when it returns. Keep checking. There will be no special cases, we will not make one for you, your brother/sister, your father/mother...
  6. Xaerun

    Before posting a "talk to me" thread

    http://forums.furaffinity.net/showthread.php?t=59652 That is all. All individual threads made asking for people to talk to them or similar will be deleted. EX-TER-MI-NATE
  7. Xaerun

    Some sort of AIM/MSN/YIM/ICQ/Skype thread

    So yeah. Seems like people can't be bothered looking at users they like, then contacting them themselves, so uh... there's now this thread, which is a general "I need someone to talk to"/"Anyone want to chat"/"OMG I NEED SUM1 2 TEL MAH PROBLUMS 2"/whatever sort of thing. Don't make your own...
  8. Xaerun

    Windows cannot find MSIEXEC.exe

    Lolwut? Trying to install certain programs gives me this error (see attachment). Anyone got a solution?
  9. Xaerun


    I've been asked to relay this by a member who wishes to remain anonymous, so... Please post any well-wishes you may have in this thread and wish her luck. *EDIT* I have her contact details, PM me if you would like to contact her directly - I will be screening for trolls.
  10. Xaerun

    The immersion approach to language

    So, I'm planning on going to Germany next year (if I can afford it... >_<) with one of my best friends. We'd be staying in Berlin for roughly a year, the only problem is... I don't speak a word of German. He's rather fluent, though. I've heard a lot for the immersion approach, which is...
  11. Xaerun

    Character Design

    This could fit in a whole range of sections but since I'm primarily a writer when it comes to using characters I'll put it here. Now. I'm looking at designing additional characters, and whilst I have an idea of what I'd like in mind I'm not sure if I'm very good at slipping in and out of...
  12. Xaerun

    If you could make any other member a member...

    Who would it be? I'd say Easog.
  13. Xaerun

    WTB Garry's Mod 10

    Does anyone have a copy of Garry's Mod 10 they'd be willing to throw my way? I have PayPal, but no credit card and there is no way to buy things through Steam without a card. If so, PM me for price negotiation etc. Thanks. ~Xae *EDIT* A "buyer/seller" has been found.
  14. Xaerun


    Hey, I'm interested to know what phobias people around here may have. I really hate mine, it's sooo embarrassing... I have a phobia of being alone. Sure, some may see it as cyuuuute, but I don't really enjoy it... *sigh* How about you guys? Or how about your views on phobias, ways you overcome...
  15. Xaerun

    So my laptop can't play .gif

    I have an Acer TravelMate 4730 (inb4 LOLACER) and it has a whole bunch of issues that range from "aww, isn't that sweet" to absolute SHIT. To name a few. It cannot play .gif files. It will stay on the first frame. Using Vista, if you type "Adobe" into the searchbar on the Start menu, explorer...
  16. Xaerun

    About the search function

    So, no doubt you'll hate me for this, but it's kind of annoying that the Search function pulls out keywords from the description of a submission. If you search for "gay otter", for example, it comes up with a straight pic, with the artist remarking that a certain aspect was "gay". D= A minor...
  17. Xaerun

    What a valuable post!

    Does anyone know where that one started? I can remember vague details, but... I'd like to shoot the person that started it. Inb4 valuable post
  18. Xaerun

    Look at how far we've come

    So I'm gone for three weeks, and it's good to see Off Topic hasn't changed. One bit. Oh sure, some things appear to be different, but strip the thread titles and... voila. I'm disappointed. WHERE IS THE ONE YOU CALL GOD MOD? Um... for those interested in details of my trip, Facebook will have...
  19. Xaerun

    Guitar vs. Piano in terms of composition

    If I'm just starting to compose my own songs, which do you suggest? I have been playing piano for longer than my guitar, but I really like the sound of really "acoustic-y" songs (I'm Yours - Jason Mraz, for example). It's not really my bag, I'm more of a sight-reader, but I really want to try this.
  20. Xaerun

    PS3 Trophies

    What's your take on them? I personally think they're a good idea in that they give you a reason to do all the little bits in games, to really see them out until the end. However Sony's been a little late in getting to this one, and they've implemented it in a clumsy way. Take the GTA IV...