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  1. SkyeLegs

    Video Game Songs with Vocals

    I'd like to create a thread specifically to share video game songs that include lyrics. I always love it when they do, it makes the game more memorable and special to me. I'm only counting original songs written for the games, not licensed soundtracks. Here's two songs from different Konami...
  2. SkyeLegs

    Gay Songs

    It's still the middle of Pride Month, give me your gayest songs.
  3. SkyeLegs

    The Golden Dog Says Hi

    It's interesting to see this place back up, there's some familiar faces that I haven't seen in a while. I'm just another artist. I've been a furry for a long time and part of FAF before it crashed and burned, but I was never too active in the community until a little over a year ago. I might...
  4. SkyeLegs

    Monoprice Tablet on Sale. Worth It?

    Just thought I'd get a quick opinion on a cheap tablet: http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=108&cp_id=10841&cs_id=1084101&p_id=10593&seq=1&format=2 I'm currently using a four year old Monoprice tablet, so I'm familiar with the brand. Despite being off-brand, it's served me well. I haven't...
  5. SkyeLegs

    Every Noise at Once

    I'm not sure if anyone posted this here, but I thought I would share. One of my favourite ways to discover new music. Every Noise at Once It's a rather unique list of almost every band in every genre and sub-genre, with a song sample for most bands. You can just click around genres or search...
  6. SkyeLegs

    Critique recent drawings?

    Lately, I've been trying hard to improve my basic drawing abilities, especially with figures, proportions, and perspective. I would like anyone to look over my recent drawings I made for my Iron Artist challenge and let me know if you notice any recurring mistakes or issues you think I need to...
  7. SkyeLegs

    Iron Artist Challenge

    I'm starting off my new year's resolution to draw more with an iron artist challenge. I'll be taking requests for sketches to fill the slots. I don't know if I can make it to 100, but I'll try to do at least 50 sketches at a pace of about 5 per week for two months. Just link a ref to your...
  8. SkyeLegs

    Inherit the Earth on sale 70% off at GoG.com

    I thought I'd share this little bit of furry gaming history here in case anyone is interested. Inherit the Earth is a point-and-click furry adventure game from the 90's. It definitely wasn't a perfect game, but I think it still holds up today with a decent story and graphics. Plus, after all...
  9. SkyeLegs

    More Sketches

    More Sketches(Full) I'm back doing more character sketches as I try to improve my basic drawing skills. Four more for now, but one lucky individual will have their sketch turned into a fully coloured and finished painting. I will pick based on which sketch I personally think stands out the...
  10. SkyeLegs


    Sketching(Full) I'm taking a few sketch requests as I get back into the habit of drawing and painting more. I'll start at four for now, but may open more if I have the time. Rather than first come first serve, I'll fill slots with whatever requests strike my fancy the most. I don't do adult...
  11. SkyeLegs

    Taking requests

    If there's anything I'm known for, it's not finishing art for some obscure reason or another. I have some free time on my hands, so I'm back to try again. I'm taking some requests for practise and to build my confidence so hopefully I'll be ready for full commissions one day. Feel free to browse...
  12. SkyeLegs

    Critique please.

    I'm looking for some serious critique on of one my pictures: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6753269/ I tried to challenge my self by focusing on some of my lesser points, mainly anatomy, lighting, and perspective, so any helpful advice in these areas(or anything else that may be off) would be...
  13. SkyeLegs

    Full digital commisions starting at $5.

    I'm trying to earn up some quick cash for a graphics tablet, because my digital art is quite sloppy using only a mouse. So for now, I will be offering cheap commissions until I can afford a proper tablet and learn how to use it. Prices start at $5, and will increase depending on character...
  14. SkyeLegs

    Speed Painting

    So I'm usually pretty slow with my digital paintings, taking over five hours on simple pieces. In an attempt to train me for speed, I've come up with a little challenge for myself: I will take art requests but give myself a time limit of one hour and see how far I get. At the end of the hour I...
  15. SkyeLegs

    Name Your Price Commissions

    From sketches to flats to full illustrations, I will draw about anything. As long as I think you're being respectable to my art, I will accept any price, though I might take higher offers first. I only do Paypal for the moment, my E-mail address for that is cel.visions@gmail.com. Let me know...
  16. SkyeLegs

    Boom! Headshots.

    Boom! Headshots.(full) Wow, this got busy quick. Thank you for posting, but no more until I catch up please. XD
  17. SkyeLegs

    Digital Illustrations, icons, and more.

    I'm trying to save up money to buy some new supplies for my traditional art(and food), so I'm opening full priced digital commissions for the first time. I don't have many good examples. Please let me know if I'm charging too much/little or if my prices are unbalanced, prices can be haggled. I'm...
  18. SkyeLegs

    1$ Quick Commisions

    1$ Quick Commissions (full) So since I don't really need too much money at the moment, I'm taking some quick cheap practice commissions for now. A dollar will get you either a traditional or digital coloured art of your characters, no backgrounds. Paypal only: cel.visions@gmail.com. My...
  19. SkyeLegs


    I want to start doing some commissions soon, though I have never done any before, and I'm not sure if my art is good enough to be paid for, or what I should charge anyway. I do put a lot of time and effort into my art, though the results never turn out as great as I would like. So, I'm looking...