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  1. KittenAdmin

    Yup. Just fine.

    Yup. Just fine.
  2. KittenAdmin

    Gooood. And you?

    Gooood. And you?
  3. KittenAdmin


  4. KittenAdmin

    What do You do on a rainy Sunday?

    Yeah. I'm not a huge fan of my current job. So much to do. Everything is a priority. It's a mess.
  5. KittenAdmin

    What do You do on a rainy Sunday?

    Every weekend my coworker texts me Sunday "Aw man we gotta go to work tomorrow" and it ruins my whole Sunday.
  6. KittenAdmin

    What do You do on a rainy Sunday?

    Do what I do every Sunday. Drink coffee, play video games, and head to my parents house with the family for dinner. I enjoy routine.
  7. KittenAdmin

    Still a virgin?

    Don't hype yourself up too much or your first time might be a disappointment. Especially if the person you choose is also inexperienced. If it happens it happens. It's not life changing.
  8. KittenAdmin

    What are the disadvantages of your fursona?

    Short, weak, arrogant, daddy issues, work stresses, the list goes on. Kyle is by no means perfect.
  9. KittenAdmin

    Does the perfect mate exist?

    You sure told me.
  10. KittenAdmin

    Does the perfect mate exist?

    This thread is a fucking mess.
  11. KittenAdmin

    How did you pick/find your fursona?

    Honestly? I stole a character that I liked and made a few edits to suit me better. This is also after choosing to be a white feline with brown headfur. So I'm probably a bad example.
  12. KittenAdmin

    Any girls who like girls in the fandom?

    Userpage of whaleosaur -- Fur Affinity [dot] net 95% certain shes available too even though her page says otherwise.
  13. KittenAdmin

    You wake up in bed with the Avatar or user above you

    *fumbles and falls out of bed, startled* Where is my wife??
  14. KittenAdmin

    Relationship status?

    Go get 'em tiger.
  15. KittenAdmin

    If You Lived in an MMO

    Ugh... what I would sacrifice to be able to explore the stars.
  16. KittenAdmin

    Just a Rant...

    Just like asking people for free tech support. But people seem to think thats fine. And so help you god if they fuck up their computer after you fixed it for free. It will be your fault always and eternally. I think its fine to ask, but not fine to expect. For all professions.
  17. KittenAdmin

    Relationship status?

    Married as fuck.
  18. KittenAdmin


    As someone who's 5'5"... I'm not sure...