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  1. KittenAdmin

    What is your average family income?

    Again, collecting stats on the furry fandom. All responses are totally anonymous. Definition of Family Income: If still a dependent, the combined income if your parental figures. Do not include your own income or that of your siblings. If you are married, the combined income of you and your...
  2. KittenAdmin

    How old are you?

    I'd like to collect some statistics on the fandom. All answers are anonymous, though feel free to discuss below. Made this before, but I messed up the responses with overlapping ages. This should provide a more accurate range.
  3. KittenAdmin

    Kitten's RP Settings - Derelict

    Hello everyone! Here's my second RP Setting that folks can be completely free to steal, modify, and use to your hearts content! Again, if you have any questions feel free to ask! I'd be happy to add more depth where required. Time Period: Futuristic/SciFi Races Involved: Anthros Geography...
  4. KittenAdmin

    Free Icon Giveaway

    There are some folks on here that are fairly active that either don't have icons, or don't have decent icons. I'm going to do a giveaway to give out 2 free icons to folks of my choosing. To qualify for these icons, you need to simply have a fursona I deem interesting. Here's the form to fill...
  5. KittenAdmin

    Art Raffle of Sorts? (Question to Artists)

    Hello everyone! So I've been thinking about something for awhile and I'd like to get an opinion from artists what they think. What if a person such as myself created a raffle, and in order to enter that raffle, you must submit a piece of art done specifically for the raffle with a general...
  6. KittenAdmin


    How old are you folks? I've seen some pretty dramatic ranges, and I'm now curious about an average.
  7. KittenAdmin

    Kitten's RP Settings - A Brand New World

    Hello! I like to write up settings that other Role Players can use as a template in either creating their own RP setting, or can just use it in it's entirety. If all goes well I'll keep posting them, but this is first of many. If you have questions feel free to ask, these questions can help...
  8. KittenAdmin

    Trades trades TRADES!

    Come on guys give me some TRADES! :P I'm not an excellent artist, but I'm looking to improve, if you want to check out my stuff go to my FA profile linked under my avatar ;D Basically just give me a detailed description of what you want, and I'll give you a detailed description of what I want...
  9. KittenAdmin

    A ref sheet for my fursona?

    Hello everyone, I am looking for any artists out there who are willing to make me a reference sheet for future requests and commissions of my fursona. He's not difficult to draw at all, and has a very simple color scheme. He's a feline, about 5'5", he is completely white. He has bright green...
  10. KittenAdmin

    Taking MS paint requests!

    Just got a tablet and need to work out a little with it ;3 So yeah, I'm just using simple MS paint, here are some examples of my work. Give me a detailed description please! n_n Slots: -Wild_Wolf -FeralHusky - Done: Shebawolf145 (check my FA)
  11. KittenAdmin

    Gaza Strip?

    Alright... I've been surfing Deviant art for awhile now and I discovered quite a bit of stuff like, "Free Gaza!", "No more murdered innocents!"... crap like that. And I'm just popping in here to see if anyone has any opinions about it... comments? Disscussion? The way I see it, Israel gave the...
  12. KittenAdmin

    I'ma colorin yer drawin

    I'm working on my coloring, I am not professional yet. If you would like me to draw or color ANYTHING (Background, character, ANYTHING) I shall consider it. I have a ton of open slots, so give it to meh! x3 Slots: Coloring: - - - - - - Drawing: - -
  13. KittenAdmin


    Pretty cool internet tough guy. You should meet him. ami doin it rite?
  14. KittenAdmin


    Here be mine... arrgg... http://www.furspace.com/Kittenadmin Dunno why I decided to make a new thread, but meh. Share your furspace!
  15. KittenAdmin

    Fursona request! :3

    Hey can anyone draw my fursona? Here are some refs: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1624287/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1690296/ He has white fur, with bright green eyes... his ears have a pink tone to them as does his nose... if you need any other information, just ask! :3
  16. KittenAdmin

    Anybody up for a trade?

    Looking for folks who want to perform an art trade :3 I''m not fantastic, but I'll try my best! Slots: - - - - -
  17. KittenAdmin

    "I'm a fur." collaboration

    So after watching a cool video on youtube I had this cool idea to have as many furs as possible take little videos of themselves saying, "I am a fur", then stating your species in a different clip, "I am a cat, rawr!" We could send them all in to one person, I would be fine with being that...
  18. KittenAdmin

    Tell me to do stuff...

    I'm bored... what should I do?
  19. KittenAdmin

    Ask the person above you 3 questions!!

    Ask the person below you 3 questions!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND GO!
  20. KittenAdmin

    Open for requests.

    I know I'm not fantastic... But I am taking requests to further my own skill with the pencil... If you want one done, I can only do about from the waist up, My legs and feet are terrible. I need as much detail about your fursona as you care to give, If you want him/her to be doing something...