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  1. MyLittleFnordy

    Draw the poster above you thread

    https://www.furaffinity.net/view/15033265 And Or Avatar, your choice
  2. MyLittleFnordy

    Confessions thread

    I keep doing those "Draw the 'sona above you" things to practice, I'm building up quite the sketchbook.
  3. MyLittleFnordy

    I'll take a hug and raise another Hug ;3

    I'll take a hug and raise another Hug ;3
  4. MyLittleFnordy

    Coming Out: The Thread (Continued)

    OK I'll say something here but I need to tell some background stuff first. When I was 13 I was very much bi, this made my parents a little bit upset. I later had a long term relationship with an older man for five years. It wasn't exactly a health relationship either. I was young and stupid. To...
  5. MyLittleFnordy

    Oh hi there~

    Now that right there is a crime, nothing should ever be that cute...Awwwwww HUGZ
  6. MyLittleFnordy

    Draw the poster above you thread

    OK I screwed up, doing the proper one...Armendariz Why do I keep accidentaly p*ssing off dragons... No more screw ups, SORRY MAUGRYPH
  7. MyLittleFnordy

    Draw the poster above you thread

    Forgot to say Thank You to Lunith TY =D Oh and skip me too, draw Lunith
  8. MyLittleFnordy

    Hello ^ ^

    Been a few days, don't think I've broken any rules and I don't seem to have P*ssed anyone off yet. All in all, nice site and community...so far
  9. MyLittleFnordy

    China Has A New Video

    Food, I remember food...
  10. MyLittleFnordy

    Confessions thread

    I had to stay up another two hours to do a picture of Hikaru Okami beacause I said I would, after fixing a laptop because I said I could, while getting a date in my city for Friday night because I probably shouldn't. All in all I'm freakin' knacked. Gutten Nact. :3
  11. MyLittleFnordy

    Help, I'm lonely!

    I'll be thy friend =D
  12. MyLittleFnordy

    Draw the poster above you thread

    Hikaru I Choose You, Will Post Up Pic In A Bit And Here It Is (Sorry it's in Pencil)
  13. MyLittleFnordy

    Confessions thread

    That is freakin' awesome, Love it :grin:
  14. MyLittleFnordy

    Should "Ponies" become a community of it's own?

    I'm gonna say it, but I probably shouldn't. Furry 'and' Brony, but the two are kind of separate for me anyway. Think segregation of these types of things should be left to the individual. Anyway you have to click to see any of that stuff, that's how it works. You no like, you no click. I know...
  15. MyLittleFnordy

    China Has A New Video

    OK I sorry now but it was that odd I thought it was worth mentioning...forgive me? :3
  16. MyLittleFnordy

    The Catchphrase Thread

    OK this looks like fun: DaFunk?! Ka va? What the doge! Bite my bag byatch... Everypony shut the smeg up! Iza Happy Mutt (acompanied by a wink) Le sigh...
  17. MyLittleFnordy

    China Has A New Video

    The band are called...rollin' wang...Oh China And Sylver I'm sure your ears will recover :3
  18. MyLittleFnordy

    Hacker in furaffinity???

    Oh great I just joined and now cyber-attacks... My luck X(
  19. MyLittleFnordy

    Saying Hi =D Love Your avatar

    Saying Hi =D Love Your avatar
  20. MyLittleFnordy

    Straight Male Furs

    Dude, straight...Fursona, not so much. People say it's complicated....it isn't.