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  1. Bokracroc

    Dead Rising 2

    Randy Tugman, bwahahahaha (He has a little piggy bag over his crotch too) Anyway, it's pretty damn cool. Things are more streamlined though gameplay is easier though. Some of the combo weapons are bitching. Melee-based psychos are a pain in the arse. Awesome, must-buy is you like zombie games.
  2. Bokracroc

    Alpha Protocol

    More people need to be talking about Alpha Protocol. It's made by shadow-Bioware, Obsidian Entertainment. Like most of their games, it's a flawed gem. Gun-play is based down into Stats like ME1 so it can be slow and clunky (Until you start putting points into weapon skills, they you turn into...
  3. Bokracroc


    Public BETA/Demo is in PSN stores. It is sexy, has lots of players (32v32 to start with) and doesn't lag like that shitbox MW2. Yes, even Aussies can properly play MAG so you US and Europe dudes will have a supermega field day with it.
  4. Bokracroc

    Death Rally now Freeware biznitchs

    http://www.remedygames.com/games/death_rally.html Works smoothly on modern Windows platforms too. Get it now.
  5. Bokracroc

    Dear Mr. PG-13 rating

    Do you need some glasses? Because you seem to be missing a lot of things that aren't PG-13. Maybe that's why you only cull image macros because that's the only thing you can see.
  6. Bokracroc

    A predominant powerful, natural health care market other it on earth. All unique herb

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  7. Bokracroc

    I feel incredible, says pregnant man

    http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/story/0,22049,23433982-5012769,00.html PS. It's actually a Transsexual that kept their Woman bits. It's still creepy for the kid though.
  8. Bokracroc

    Kojima's ego too large for 50 GB Blu-ray discs.

    http://www.joystiq.com/2008/03/02/kojima-mgs4-too-big-for-50-gb-blu-ray-disc/ That's a pretty large interactive movie.
  9. Bokracroc

    Mirror's Edge

    http://au.pc.gamespy.com/pc/mirrors-edge/855905p1.html?RSSwhen2008-02-29_080200&RSSid=855905 It's nice seeing DICE do something other than Battlefield games.
  10. Bokracroc

    Now this is Phun (aka. 2D Garry's Mod)

  11. Bokracroc

    What will you do when/if Furry hits Mainstream?

    Well? People constantly go "OMD FURRIEZ R GETTNIG IN2 MAINSTERAM LOLO" and get all excited when 'Furry' related stuff appears in media. So what happens when/if we get there?
  12. Bokracroc

    Advance Wars: Days Of Ruin

    Failing to see why Australia has to wait another month for release (if it was a week, I would of waited and actually bought it), I've still gotten my hands onto the new Advance Wars. After a day, I'm up to Chapter 20 (Waylon Flies Again), haven't done any Trial maps yet though. The story is...
  13. Bokracroc

    The Help Thread

    If you need some basic/simple help, post your trouble here and watch us try to solve it (at least semi-seriously). It's good for your Karma. Emo's can make their own topic >:b I need help finding a download for the Amped 2 soundtrack. I have a .txt list of all the music but the actual music...
  14. Bokracroc

    Sketch, Inked, B&W and Coloured

    Plz add these to the Category thingy. I want to look at Coloured stuff. All I'm seeing is Inks and Sketch/B&W's.
  15. Bokracroc

    Chuck Norris' tears do not cure cancer.

    http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=339704 *insert Chuck Norris fact about lawsuits*
  16. Bokracroc

    lol politics

    No, seriously. Can we have a Politics sub-forum? I'm sick of all the stuff filling and flooding the General/Rant sections.
  17. Bokracroc

    South Korea creates glow-in-the-dark cat

    So it turns out SK are good at something else apart from Starcraft. http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20071212/ts_afp/healthscienceskoreacloning
  18. Bokracroc

    **You can patch EVE Online at the moment**

    Copypasta'ed from elsewhere EDIT: Well it's all good now but it's still a pretty large fuck up.
  19. Bokracroc

    Dear Forums....

    Can we please have some moderation over Sig Images. I'm getting sick of having to AdBlock every 1 in 4 Users sigs because they have a 1mb+ gif in it.
  20. Bokracroc

    AUP->Flash-->Copyrighted Music->Explain->Now

    Crediting use is easy. Quite simple too. Define. What defines it as 'complimentary'? What defines it as not? Where is this line that defines it as Fair Use? Define how a song is and isn't meant to be used.