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  1. Anedgyguything

    Anyone interested in paws or TF

    Thought I would ask here if anyone would be intetested in detailed but fetish based RPs with either paws, Tf or both. PM me or reply if interested.
  2. Anedgyguything

    Wildlife TF RP

    You and I are on a camping trip but something turns us into wildlife animals (wolves, eagles, bears, foxes, mountain lions, wolverines). The rest is up to us to decide, perhaps we go on an adventure, fall in love, perhaps something kinky and NSFW, or other things.
  3. Anedgyguything

    Military themed fetish RP

    I am looking for someone who is interested in a military themed RP with either a paws or TF fetish. Either or both is fine. How they incorporate into the theme I am willing to experiment with
  4. Anedgyguything

    Looking for a long term RP partner who likes TF or paws

    The title says basically everything. I want somebody who is a real RPer that's interested in one or both of these things and also doesn't just use two words to respond and has good grammar. We can talk animals and such if you're interested.
  5. Anedgyguything

    Looking for a passionate TF or paw RP

    Would anybody be interested in paw or TF RPs? We could talk specifics, but I just feel like a lot of RPers aren't passionate, using short sentences and text or cutting corners, and using no grammar, which isn't a requirement but is nice. Is anybody willing to give it a shot?
  6. Anedgyguything

    Military and Paws RP

    I wanted to ask if anybody wants to try something a little unique, a military RP that involves lots of paws!
  7. Anedgyguything

    Lion King Paw or TF RP

    Hello! I am posting to see if anybody would be interested in Lion kIng Paw or TF RPs, I don't do NSFW but it's fine if you are willing to elude to it, and I'm also fine with paw licking and such. Let me know!