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  1. Hogo

    We Have an Extra Cabin Bed at Furry Takeover [Fontana Dam NC] (9/16-18)

    If anyone is interested in a cheap stay in a cabin who wants to go to a convention in the mountains of NC later this month, we have a place to stay if you need one. The convention is Furry Takeover (https://www.furrytakeover.com/) which takes place in Fontana Dam NC on the weekend of 9/16 to...
  2. Hogo

    Hiring: ($75+) LF Bara Artist for a simple-colors full body Orc OC

    I'm looking for an artist who can draw Bara body types, specifically the musclefat body type, for an original character of mine. He's exceptionally hairy as well so looking for the artist to be comfortable with that. Going to lean towards an artist that has examples of larger/hairier types in...
  3. Hogo

    Hiring: ($100+) Looking for a Bara-type artist to help draw a reference sheet for a hybrid sona (primate/boar/humanoid)+2nd were-bat form - artist found!

    I know that title is a lot, but I am looking for someone who is experienced drawing muscle-fat body types that are on the hairy side for my sona, which is going to be what I call a 'boarcsquach' which is a hybrid between a boar, orc, and sasquach/primate. And then a second night form that's...
  4. Hogo

    I have options for a sona, but can't decide on which

    To briefly summarize myself as a person: I'm a 27 year old guy who, short hairy and somewhat husky, with a love for the mountains and forests and pretty reserved and intense in the personality department. Very deadpan. I've got a strong liking of bara aesthetics as well. I've got some ideas: -A...
  5. Hogo

    Go go, Hogo!

    I'm a long time lurker of furaffinity (mostly for nsfw) but have recently been thinking about actually establishing myself a little more and actually finding some community and friendship in something I'm interested in. Maybe even figure out a sona if I can make a decision. I'm 27 year old guy...