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  1. J

    Now that we're back, how did you pass the time?

    Oh yes. I've made a number of Orange Brick screenshots look presentable, and I've moved on to cleaning up original film master screenshots. People seem to like the results.
  2. J

    Ever broken a disc on purpose?

    Not that I can recall. The Biolizard fight in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle led to me throwing the disc after the fiftieth death, though. I can do it without wanting to rip my hair out now.
  3. J

    Now that we're back, how did you pass the time?

    Man, it feels like it's been a full year since the FurAffinity forum was taken down for renovations. So much has happened since then (a new console generation began, I got into a couple of new bands, and a found a new hobby in "remastering Dragon Ball Z"). In fact, it was such a long wait that...
  4. J

    Is Your Fursona a Character?

    A character is more than a name and face. I refer to backstory, personality, and so on.
  5. J

    Is Your Fursona a Character?

    She's a very good rat.
  6. J

    Is Your Fursona a Character?

    I recently commented on a post where I revealed that Autumn the Squirrel is essentially just a name and face. In terms of personality and backstory, it's all virtually nonexistent. She only exists because you're supposed to have a fursona and because (yes, I'm biased) she's cute. Have you ever...
  7. J

    What's your thoughts on drugs?

    If you want to put something in your body, you should have the right to do so in an environment where you won't do harm to others. I strongly advise against drug use/abuse as I've unfortunately experienced how unrecognizable people become because of it (as well as the lasting impact it has on...
  8. J

    Are you worried you might, with time, grow out of your fursona/character?

    No. I haven't really done much with her other than designing her physical appearance, and even that was partially out of perceived obligation. I'm happy with how her design turned out, but her character is virtually nonexistent. Because of her design, though, I'd probably repurpose her for...
  9. J

    Just curious. But are are there any bugs out there?

    Looks like an enemy from a late 90's video game.
  10. J


    i don't think that'd be very pleasant, personally.
  11. J

    Bootleg Restaurants

    Has anyone here been to a bootleg restaurant before? If so, what was the experience like?
  12. J

    Should children be allowed into the Furry Fandom?

    There ultimately isn't anything that can be done outside of themselves and whoever looks after them. There's no application you have to fill to join a fandom, so there'll always be kids who are into things with aspects that aren't appropriate for them. Maybe they shouldn't be here. However, I...
  13. J

    Being single

    Single, but looking. I haven't dated anyone local to me since 2018. I've done some long-distance talking since then (and one relationship), but I haven't found the right person yet.
  14. J

    Would you go on a date with the Avatar above you?

    He looks like quite the dashing fellow. Yes.
  15. J

    Fill the furry above you

    Get ready.
  16. J

    How many trans furries are on the forum

    With the help of two members in this thread, there's been a bit of a development. I've been doing a lot of thinking regarding this, and what those members told me made me consider things I otherwise wouldn't have. It'll still be a while before I have a definitive conclusion, but I'm...
  17. J

    Simulated Reality Question

    I should note that this reality wouldn't allow you to influence anyone you didn't create. To allow that would cause way too many problems.
  18. J

    Simulated Reality Question

    Humanity has officially invented a perfect simulation of reality. The option is given to anyone interested in uploading their consciousness, and - with limitations - they're given influence over their lives. They can create a family that loves them, but they can also do things which causes that...
  19. J

    Complain About Someone (Non-Forum Member)

    An ex of mine once had to get up early for something, so she asked me to wake her up at that time. No matter what I did (shaking her, turning the lights on, whatever), she refused to get up. She then got mad at me later on because I apparently didn't try hard enough. What would you like to...