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  1. crystallinecanine

    Cheap German shepherd half suit! SOLD

    Taking offers on a german shepherd half suit I made in May 2017. It is an older suit of mine, but it's still great quality! I really would like to sell it as quick as possible, so any offers will be considered. Has been worn for a small con but has been fully cleaned and stored. Any offers...
  2. crystallinecanine

    Looking to do a Fursuit trade!

    I don't know if people do trades on here or if I'm posting in the right place. Whatever. Anyways, I have been making fursuits for a year now and make good suits (im not quite the professional yet, but I am pretty good for a year of making) . I'm looking for a head trade; I'd make you a head of...
  3. crystallinecanine

    Looking to buy Mint Luxury Shag!

    I need mint luxury shag for a commission so I thought I'd see if anyone has any on hand. The preorders on fursuitsupplies is sold out. fursuitsupplies.com: Mint Luxury Shag Faux Fur
  4. crystallinecanine

    Floor dragger dragon tail for sale!

    I have a 53 inch long plush dragon tail for sale in my etsy shop! It has mint green and baby blue spikes sewn in and sturdy elastic bands to secure to a belt. Only 55 USD ! Check it out: www.etsy.com: Plush Dragon Tail (fursuit part)
  5. crystallinecanine

    As a fursuit maker, what is the most annoying thing about making them?

    I'm interested in knowing what ticks people off when making a suit. I hate doing handpaws. Mostly the sewing part... I hand sew my paws so It takes a long time to make the stitches neat.
  6. crystallinecanine

    Looking for games, specifically furry ones.

    I recently got a new laptop that runs super fast so I want to find games I can play online or download a zip for. I'm looking for games that: -Are RPGs -Not violent but peaceful -Feature real animals or furries -Nothing yiffy -Fun to play! If you know of any games that are like this, please...
  7. crystallinecanine

    Fursuit headdress?

    Has anyone ever made a fursuit head headdress? Something like this except for toony style: I need to make something like this in 15 days! It's possible for me, but I just don't know how..
  8. crystallinecanine

    Mixed Fur Fursuits?

    Has anyone made a fursuit with the colors already mixed? Something like this. How does the patterning turn out? Does it look weird when you use these types? I want to make another fursuit with something like this but I don't know how it would turn out.
  9. crystallinecanine

    Having a bad hair day...

    This is a unicorn partial I'm making currently but I am having trouble how to do the hair. I know a lot of makers use long pile fur for hair, but I want to use something that will keep it's shape. Maybe wefts or a wig?? I need some advice on what I should use and how I should do it. (I'm not...
  10. crystallinecanine

    How did your loved one react?

    I'm curious on how your loved ones reacted when they realized you were a fan of anthropomorphic animals. My own parents adore them; my mom loves the costumes and my dad appreciates the work that goes into it! I was shocked they would accept it but now I want to know how everyone else was received!
  11. crystallinecanine

    Need Feline Specialists!

    Okay so earlier I had a really awesome idea for a six legged ocelot and began to sketch it! The issue is, I'm not too awesome with feline bodies, let alone ones with extra digitigrade legs... The head area looks great but it's the limbs that could use a bit of tinkering. Mind you, this is a...
  12. crystallinecanine

    Any advice for a disabled furry?

    I'm going to be fursuiting for the first time at a large scale convention, Phoenix ComiCon this year but there's an issue I didn't have to deal with last year. I use forearm crutches to help me walk now and I'm not sure if it's going to be okay to have a fursuit and walking sticks... I already...
  13. crystallinecanine

    For digital artists!

    I'm wondering what kind of drawing tablet or drawing apparatus you use! I my self use a very cheap tablet I bought for 25 USD back in 2012. It doesn't have pressure sensitivity or even a brand name... It's sticker on the back just says "Pen Tablet" and it's starting to break down after all the...
  14. crystallinecanine

    I'm not even a full on brony....

    AND I LOVE THIS SONG! ( ) I just want to dance everytime I hear it!! Agghhh!! Does anyone relate or an I all alone? XD
  15. crystallinecanine

    Needing Critique on a WIP

    Before I go ahead and finish this piece up tomorrow, any input would be helpful! I normally just stick with flat colors, but maybe since this is a piece I like, I'll go all out and add shading and light too! I never really venture out of my comfort zone of headshots and icon style drawings so...
  16. crystallinecanine

    Meet Mr. Sawyer!

    This precious little bean's name is Georgie Sawyer! He's a Calico Cat, he works as a librarian, and is almost always depressed. He constantly needs hugs and reassurance from his friends... When it's rainy outside, he likes to sit on a windowsill and just think over a warm mug of milky tea...
  17. crystallinecanine

    First Fursuit Head Progress!

    Watch as a mediocre quality head becomes something good! (I can't call it great because I'm not an experienced fursuit maker, but it's good for a first.) I've placed a censor on my face to preserve any dignity I have left since embracing my true fur side... Here is the character concept...
  18. crystallinecanine

    Drawing Strife...

    Does anyone else have an issue with drawing anything but profiles and busts? I can't seem to draw anything but those types, even when I draw people... I need to know I'm not alone in this world!! D:
  19. crystallinecanine

    What's the deal with you?

    I've always been interested in other's fursonas and as to why a lot of them have brightly colored fur and unique markings. Tell me why your fursona has an extraordinary look!
  20. crystallinecanine

    It's going to be my first time...Teach me how?

    Once I finish my fursuit, I'm taking him to the Phoenix ComiCon. The problem is... I have no idea how to act in a fursuit! I want to be able to stay in character even when I'm not posing or anything! Also, any tips for a "cherry" fursuiter would be very very helpful! Much thanks in advance...