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  1. Tiger In A Tie

    Given the option, would you change the world to be black and white?

    I think it's part of human nature to ask questions and seek answers and learn about the world around us. If we knew every answer to every question then we'd lose our curiosity and we might live our lives as completely different people.
  2. Tiger In A Tie

    Am I a creep?

    Come to Michigan and creep on me through my window :3 And in mai new shorts I bought two days ago.
  3. Tiger In A Tie

    The Most Annoying Songs You've Heard.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6j4f8cHBIM&ob=av3n F*** NICKI MANAJ
  4. Tiger In A Tie

    Furry/Anthro tattoos?

    A werewolf tattoo sounds pretty sweet. Would you get it as a scene or just the werewolf (just curious!). I'd like to get a tiger cub tattoo sometime. And Deo that is a very awesome tattoo.
  5. Tiger In A Tie

    dating furries

    There's nothing worng with looking for a furry but as stated earlier in the thread, it's not always the best to limit yourself so much. And at age 13, don't try to delve right into a deep relationship. 'Least wait till you're farther through puberty.
  6. Tiger In A Tie

    dating furries

    My boyfriend would rather have sex with a dog than me :c Damn furry. Just kidding [I hope :v]. Date someone you genuinely have feelings for. I wouldn't require a guy to be a furry for me to date him, but luckily I already have a boyfriend who is also a furry and I am very happy with him :3 But...
  7. Tiger In A Tie

    What Do You Wear For Winter?

    Jeans, sneakers, a t-shirt under a sweatshirt/sweater under my northface jacket and gloves, sometimes a scarf, and a thick hat
  8. Tiger In A Tie

    Hi I am looking for furry friends

  9. Tiger In A Tie

    Exotic pets

    I have two sugar gliders (brothers) and a parrot. Gliders are not an impulse pet; they have very specific needs. They need a diet with a balanced calcium:phosphorus ratio, too much phosphorus can cause Hind Leg Paralysis. There is also a liquid food called BML, specific ingredients. They need a...
  10. Tiger In A Tie

    Hey, I just realized...

    Why you take fandom so deeply
  11. Tiger In A Tie

    Facebook groups and pages

    If I were to join a FB group about furries, it ain't gonna be one with a title like that.
  12. Tiger In A Tie

    Ear pointing

    Sorry, Deo, definitely misunderstood you. You bring up good points, too, thanks for your input on the vet thing!
  13. Tiger In A Tie

    I hate "furry" words

    Furst I want to say that this is fureakin' crazy. Are you refurring to the fact that the fandom pawbably has its own little dicktionary? You're crazy, dawg. Second, I do kind of see how you can find it pawkward when people refur to their pets as "furry". But furries are their own breed of...
  14. Tiger In A Tie

    Ear pointing

    Because I totally want my vet with a degree in performing surgery on animals to perform a life-changing, expensive, and painful surgery on my ears that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Couldn't be more qualified. Anyways. OP. I' with Deo. Those pointed ears may look cool now but years...
  15. Tiger In A Tie

    Improve protection againt adult content for minors

    It's not like they can make a Captchya when someone registers that can ween out minors falsifying their age. If you want fA to do something, what do you suggest they do?
  16. Tiger In A Tie

    Who can make plushies?

    Check out the Black Market subforum- http://forums.furaffinity.net/forums/15-The-Black-Market Also, my friend http://www.furaffinity.net/user/rooibos does, she made one for me and one for my other friend.
  17. Tiger In A Tie

    What do you do that makes you a furry?

    I like anthros and call myself a furry. I spend lotsa time with the furry art community.
  18. Tiger In A Tie

    All new parents should be required to sign this form

    Term doesn't read Terms.
  19. Tiger In A Tie

    go google zerg rush

    count 66 APM 218
  20. Tiger In A Tie

    All new parents should be required to sign this form

    Society will not conform to something such as Proper Parenting Regulations. Who's to say one parent is doing something wrong over another? I'm not defending child abuse or parental homophobia that interferes with their relationship with their child. I understand that by writing this you have...