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  1. RedFoxTwo

    Just War Theory

    You're not being interesting enough as of late, FAF. You need to step your game up. So here's my question to you all: Is there any such thing as a just war? Are there ways you can logically rationalise war, or are there inherent properties of war that make it always wrong? Can war be...
  2. RedFoxTwo

    What are you doing for Christmas?

    Shush, it's December. I'm allowed to ask this kind of nonsense. 'Tis the season once again. The snow is gently falling in some parts of the world, forming solid blocks of ice in others and remaining altogether absent in the rest. Your deadlines are (hopefully) coming to an end in preparation...
  3. RedFoxTwo

    The Olympics

    Well, I guess I'll be the first to say it: This opening ceremony is fucking embarrassing. I mean massive figure of lord Voldemort being chased away by hundreds of Mary Poppinses? Come on. Oh well, at least we'll get a good laugh out of Israel's reaction to Palestine being called Palestine...
  4. RedFoxTwo


    So, it's lunchtime, and you're hungry. Various breads are available, as well as toasters and toastie makers. You also seem to have every spread, purée and jam conceivable in addition to various cheeses vegetables and meats; everything you need to make the perfect midday wheat-based...
  5. RedFoxTwo

    Calming methods

    What do you guys do to calm yourselves down when you're really pissed off? I get pissed off quite a lot. My tried and tested method of countering this is to play ridiculously sadistic and violent videogames until I wear myself out. It's anger displacement - it uses up my rage. It usually...
  6. RedFoxTwo

    Games you didn't expect to be terrifying

    Title says it all. What are those games that you played without expecting to be scared shitless, and yet were proved wrong on? For me, the hands down winner would be Freelancer - the spiritual sequel to Privateer. It's a space pseudo-MMO thingy, but dear God... minefields and black holes. Those...
  7. RedFoxTwo

    Your Best Weapon

    Let's be honest: We all have that one weapon we love with all our heart. It may not be that popular or that great in stats, but oh boy do you feel invincible when you're put in control of one. It could be any game, popular or obscure. All it takes to qualify is your undying love. So what are...
  8. RedFoxTwo


    God, it's actually a really good game. I got a copy of Manhunt a couple of days ago on the basis that I'd always wanted a copy and I was fairly interested to see how it turned out. For the uninformed, Manhunt is a simple but effective stealth game with mechanics reminiscent of The Great...
  9. RedFoxTwo


    Holy crap I love this film. For those unfamiliar with it it's basically about a bunch of highschool friends who accidentally gain the powers of telekinesis. It's done in the style of the Blair Witch Project, and is quite possibly the only superpowers film I've ever seen which actually has...
  10. RedFoxTwo

    Your Greatest Achievement

    If somebody asked you what you honestly thought your greatest achievement in life was, how would you answer? Do you have any big plans for the future to improve upon your previous answer?
  11. RedFoxTwo

    Brilliant Beautiful Books

    Personally, I'm not much of the recreational reader. If I'm on holiday I'll read a novel, but besides that you'll never see me with one. There is of course the exception of Alistair Reynolds, who I will ravenously descend upon the works of with joyous abandon. Any book at all of his I will...
  12. RedFoxTwo

    What's your claim to fame?

    Title says it all. For example, my grandfather was once Chief engineer of Rowntrees, and specialised in getting Kit-Kats to have just the right amount of chocolate for any given mass of biscuit.
  13. RedFoxTwo

    Ringing alarms and morning charms

    Today my efforts to visit my family were retarded by my failure to wake up in time to catch the bus. This got me thinking: By what means do you fine folk wake up each day? Various alarm clocks? Friends or parents shouting? Natural light? So please share with us the means by which you are...
  14. RedFoxTwo

    Phobias and their Effect on You

    Phobias: Many of us have them, some of us are affected more than others. So tell us any phobias you have, and if they have an effect on your everyday life. For instance, I'm very phobic of swarms: Nope. Nope. Nope. Anything even synonymous with swarms, such as individual ants, make me squirm.
  15. RedFoxTwo

    Sanity Anchors

    Sanity anchors: We all have them. It's the activity you do, object you love or place you go to when you feel stressed, scared or depressed. It makes you feel a whole lot calmer and improves your outlook on things. Everyone's got something that helps them get through a tough time - even if it's...
  16. RedFoxTwo

    S.A.D. - A problem affecting many of us.

    So it's that time of year again: Late autumn moving into winter. That time when one considers the presents for friends and relatives, the pre-Christmas exams (if any) and any New Year's Resolutions way ahead of schedule. But at the same time, this is winter: Our darkest hour... literally. With...
  17. RedFoxTwo

    Your Favourite Candy

    Chocolate? Sweets? Candy? Treats? Whatever you wish to call the delightful and delicious pick-me-ups that they are, do tell us all: What are your favourites? For me, it would have to be any watermelon-flavoured gum or a good old Cadbury's Bounty bar!
  18. RedFoxTwo

    Furry rage

    I have noticed during my time here so far on FAF that furries seem prone to particularly aggressive behaviour, especially towards more defenceless individuals. FAF unfortunately has a track record of forcing new people into defensive stances when dealing with other furries, as it seems to set...
  19. RedFoxTwo

    Best movie fight scenes of all time

    Self explanatory thread. Post links to 'em here! I'll start us off with my contribution: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdjuS17DGlA&feature=player_embedded
  20. RedFoxTwo

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Discussion

    So, tell us: 1. Which of the three S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games was your favourite and why? 2. Which of the factions was your favourite and why? My answer: 1. The first one. It was by far the scariest and also had the best in-game locations. C.O.P. felt too small and it's factions were...