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  1. Attaman

    Epik Domain Hacked

    To preface this thread with a reminder of Forum Policy, Earlier this month, Online Domain Registrar Epik was hacked. Like, horrifically so. Normally "Site be hacked" is not worth bringing up in General (FAF itself was earlier, hence its outage!), but I bring this up for two specific reasons...
  2. Attaman

    Regarding the latest Mainsite Announcement

    A quick request for clarification (aimed predominantly towards @Dragoneer ) since FurAffinity and FurAffinity Forums are not quite consistent in this matter: Is this a case of "Affairs of other boards / websites don't concern us" (as in: So long as somebody keeps their mainsite and / or forum...
  3. Attaman

    Trans Rights Are Human Rights

    Over the following month since the Forums have been returned to life, a clear pattern has emerged among a small but vocal portion of users. Specifically, the Forums have suffered numerous incidents of people referring to Trans individuals as “manchilds” and “Adult Children”, expressing both a...
  4. Attaman

    Terrible One-Sentence Plot Summaries

    A bit of a tried and true staple of many online communities, the purpose of this game is to try to create a summary, synopsis, abstract, or other such thing of something (for the purposes of this thread and to avoid potentially, shall we say, horrifying / chaotic derails, the "Something" will be...
  5. Attaman

    COVID-19: Acceptable Content or Unacceptable?

    I ask specifically because "World news and health" is specified as acceptable content in General Discussion in an 8:02pm post, but the General Discussion Posting Guidelines mention "The discussion of politics, even if generated from news discussions such as COVID or border closures, for...
  6. Attaman

    Attack of the Prehistoric Vegan Crocodiles (And other nature oddities)

    Okay, so technically it's not a sure thing that they only ate plants (versus a diet predominantly herbivorous), but a relatively recent study found that herbivorism evolved at least three times in the crocodilians of the Mesozoic Era. The catch of "And other nature oddities" is since... well...
  7. Attaman

    Calming Down, Could You Feel Your Satisfaction? Mob Psycho 100

    Having given everyone approximately a week to wind down and mull over the recent season finale, I figured it was about time I spoke up about a series that... uh, while not flawless (see later commentary), has generally been well-received and accredited. Mob Psycho 100 is the brainchild of ONE...
  8. Attaman

    International News: Pawel Adamowicz

    So, I recall a few people mentioning in the Shutdown thread how the vast majority of this forum's political discussion homes in on American Politics (the lion's share of that specifically aimed towards United States, but with the odd bone towards Canada, Mexico, or even Latin or South America)...
  9. Attaman

    Kiev Protests: Well Bugger

    There's much stronger words than "bugger" I was tempted to use while naming this thread, but I think they'd be redundant for anyone keeping track of the situation. Long story short, shit be bad in Kiev. At least nineteen people have been confirmed dead, with many more (over a hundred, from more...
  10. Attaman

    RIP Iain Banks

    A sad day for Sci-Fi and Fiction lovers everywhere. :(
  11. Attaman

    The Firearm Debate Thread: Or "This is why we can't have Nice Threads on Bad Stuff"

    Since people seem obsessed to keep bringing up Firearms, Second Amendment, and so-on in threads about shootings (within the United States or otherwise), I feel like it'd do victims, interested forum-goers, and moderators a world of good punting all such discussion into a thread specifically for...
  12. Attaman

    Behold, ladies and gentlemen: Science!

    I return to bear gifts of glorious discovery and SCIENCE!-related matters. New HAL Exoskeleton for Fukushima clean-up. It protects, it cools, and it makes the wearer radiation-proof, all while monitoring electrical signals from the brain to enhance the user's performance! Virginia Tech starts...
  13. Attaman

    UK Pakistanis, Bangladeshi & Indians Identify "more British" than Caucasians

    I found this article particularly interesting. After surveying some 40,000 households in the UK, the Institute for Social and Economic Research found that - on average - Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and Indian citizens all ranked being British as more important to them than the Caucasian population...
  14. Attaman

    Investigate Human Rights? End all contact!

    At least, that's Israel's response. Also to tell envoys not to cooperate with the council or Human Rights commissioners. Oh, and to precede "Vote was hijacked by anti-Israel nations!", blargl. Switzerland, India, Chile, and so-on sure are known for their anti-Israel sentiment.
  15. Attaman

    Baldur's Gate Enhanced

    So, "Enhanced" versions of BG(:ToB) and BGII(: SoA / ToB) have been announced within the last few hours. Details are rather slim at the moment, basically confirming that they'll retain 2nd Edition rules and if both of these games do well on the market a BGIII may be in the works. Any particular...
  16. Attaman

    How About a Legion of Spiders?

    Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Web. If you're particularly fascinated with spiders, don't forget to check the slideshow at the end which has some extra images. Oh, and obligatory warning toward those who're violently arachnophobic: There's images of spiders in the articles linked...
  17. Attaman

    Belgium Grenade Attack & Shooting

    Roughly three hours ago, several grenades of an unknown type were thrown at bus-stop in Liège. The attacker then went on to shoot several others in the area, before committing suicide. There are four confirmed deaths when including the attacker, and seventy five injured / injuries. A Timeline...
  18. Attaman

    Oslo Explosion & Utøya Shooting

    Since the old thread is going to hell in a handbasket fast: At 2:30pm BST several government buildings were damaged in an explosion, which was later revealed to be the first part of a domestic terrorism attack that claimed the life of over 80 people. Current sources say the subject is not...
  19. Attaman

    (User-made) Announcement: Stop Blaming 4chan for shit

    Stop it. 4chan is not an eeeebil troll haven populated by fur-haters out to kill the fandom. It does not have a particular grudge against furries that it partakes in because all its members are basement dwellers in their mother's basement. It isn't the #1 enemy of the fandom. It's an...
  20. Attaman

    I want one as a pet

    Well, provided it was still alive. Who wouldn't want a Crocodile-Cat though? Best of both worlds. :mrgreen: