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  1. Faexie

    Question for those with a latex allergy

    In my quest towards more eco-friendly fursuit materials, I discovered that natural latex foam seemed to be a good alternative. Though, some people are allergic to that. So I was wondering, if the latex is covered in fur or fleece, is it still dangerous? I wouldn't want to cause someone a...
  2. Faexie

    Tutorial: Making short fur by brushing fleece

    Fleece in untouched form is not a very good alternative to faux fur, but I discovered on the internet that you can turn it into pretty good short fur simply by brushing it with a dog brush! It looks like this (brushed part in the first image is at the bottom): I'd say it looks pretty good...
  3. Faexie

    How to make a super good moving jaw!

    Haven't finished my fursuit yet, but I'm really proud of my moving jaw, especially since I've heard that it's hard to pull off, especially at that level of movement, and with a smaller mouth and made of foam no less! Here's how it looks, the smaller movements are when I just move my lips as...
  4. Faexie

    Spy Hunter 5 issues

    I got it so I can remove segurazo (a fake antivirus giving false alarms and slowing my pc down) and it was able to find it, but on the free version I have to wait 48h for spyhunter to remove it. Which I don't mind, and the countdown was working normally, but more than 48h later it's still there
  5. Faexie

    flex foam it (expanding foam) head?

    I've watched this tutorial that uses expanding foam in a mold. I already know it's non toxic, but I was wondering how hot it can get in there compared to the typical foam head. Did anyone wear a head that was made in this way? What was it like?
  6. Faexie

    fakemon contest!

    Would be fun to see all the interesing design you would have for pokemon :) I've been thinking about making two categories: one for most interesting concept and one for best looking design. Will make two separate posts for voting after a month. You can post your creations here, or post ideas...
  7. Faexie

    For the first time I'm not going to get the latest pokemon game...

    I always adored pokemon, but I guess I won't get Shield like I planned to. From the footage I've seen it looks like Bethesda made it, it looks so unfinished and there are animation and programing mistakes that didn't happen in the last games. So rare to see a nintendo game so unpolished, and...
  8. Faexie

    Halloween costume thread!

    Let's post our halloween costumes! Here's mine
  9. Faexie

    Weird and interesting story ideas

    Sometimes I get weird ideas about settings, conflict, etc. Rarely feel like actually writing stories about it, but I thought that a thread where we could exchange weird and interesting ideas could be fun. Here's one: A person who has been raised in a community of monsters. Not any monsters...
  10. Faexie

    You can make your own faux fur out of yarn and it's more awesome than you think!

    Recently I discovered that there were plenty of tutorial on how to make your own fur out of yarn (of any type: acrylic, real -though maybe this one would be too warm- or even cotton!). I was worried about the ecological impact of acrylic faux fur and frustrated than I couldn't find the exact...
  11. Faexie

    Halloween costumes!

    It's the most wonderful time of the year! Man I love dressing up and I love having a reason to. Found these awesome things in a drug store, already started to paint the mask (which has a pretty good moving jaw btw) white and added pupils, gonna glue the fur from the cat ears hairband and may...
  12. Faexie

    Eco friendly faux-fur?

    Has anyone heard of eco-friendly faux fur? I love fursuits and am (very slowly lol) making one, but faux fur is just awful for the environment (when it's made and when it's washed). I know of a company that makes them by recycling plastic bottles, but they probably still release plastic...
  13. Faexie

    Feeling lonely in this small boring town...

    I'm very outside the norm when it comes to values, interests, lifestyles... I'm autistic, vegan, polyamorous, kinky, and of course furry, to name a few. And it's so hard to find communities of people like myself while living in a small town. I wish I could move to a bigger town. Oh, I would...
  14. Faexie

    Free Art: animals that are hard to anthropomorphize

    I love the challenge of designing anthropomorphic versions of animals that look nothing like humans. So far I did a ray and a rough draft of a jellyfish. Any other ideas?
  15. Faexie

    Does your fursona(s) have any special significance?

    Update: Rebel is now anthro and representing my nature, and Ramona is representing the nurtured aspect of my personality (the nature vs nurture theme, though they are learning to work together better) When I made Ramona, I didn't intend for her to be anything more than an avatar, but now, with...
  16. Faexie

    How tight can you make a fullbody suit if you use basic fur

    Just curious for now, as Ramona 1.0 will only have fur on her head, neck, chest and hands, but I plan on making other fursuits later on, some of them with fur on their whole body, so I was wondering how tight I could make the suit without either spending a lot of money or having a hard time moving.
  17. Faexie

    Should I buy the fur right away?

    There's this amethyst faux fox fur on fursuit supplies that is really close to Ramona's color and I was so happy when it came out. But, turns out it only has four yards left in stock. I was planning on finishing the base so I could tell how much fur I needed, but if they never restock on that...
  18. Faexie

    Not sure if I should continue seeking an autism diagnosis...

    So I just saw my family doctor today, and she agreed that I'm probably autistic, but she doesn't think that the psychiatrist would be willing to see me, because it doesn't sound like it'd be worth it. She said she would contact one to see what medication and ressources are available though, but...
  19. Faexie

    Conspiracy theory about the Sonic movie

    I think that the team behind the movie already made a good Sonic model but made an awful looking Sonic so the trailers could gather more media attention. How else could they agree to change the design so far in developpment, without pushing the release at a further date? Also there is no way...
  20. Faexie

    Found this awful first try at a bucket head I made

    I really don't know what I was thinking back then. I think I though that I should focus on being able to see as well as possible before I focus on making look good. Good thing I droped it and started another one - -' And yes, I knew that eyes weren't supposed to be so close together. Gave me a...