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  1. sillydraco

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Auction - Bubblegum the Wolf - SB $45

    Name: Bubblegum the Wolf SB: $45, increments of $5 Ends next Saturday, 10/22/22 at midnight, CA time Bid here (NSFW): https://furaffinity.net/view/49417796
  2. sillydraco

    (Other) Selling: Started a Patreon!

    https://www.furaffinity.net/view/41720136/ I decided to give Patreon a try! I am a NSFW artist and there is plenty of that there, as well as comics posted every friday! There are tiers for getting art early and getting sketches and comics too! Check it out c:
  3. sillydraco

    (Base/YCH) Selling: NSFW 8 Page YCH Comic SB $75 - 1 day left!

    This YCH auction is for an 8 page comic, please read the script for full content. There are two spots to bid on! If you don't want to bid please spread the word! I'd appreciate it greatly u 3u Bid here: www.furaffinity.net: Pet Pat Pot - YCH Auction COMIC by Sillydraco Happy bidding c:
  4. sillydraco

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Animated YCH SB $50

    go give it a look-see c: www.furaffinity.net: The Cookie - YCH Auction - Animation by Sillydraco
  5. sillydraco

    NSFW YCH Santa's Lap

    Byte got a job at the mall as a Santa's Helper again this year. But when the Santa called in sick he volunteered to be Santa for a while. He probably should have stuck to the script though, and he may have gotten things mixed up. He's fired isn't he? This is a YCH auction, which will end...
  6. sillydraco

    Taking discounted commissions!

    Taking discounted commissions! Need to make $50 quick -_- $25 / full color. Normal prices here: www.furaffinity.net: COMMISSIONS OPEN Please buy something c: -- Sillydraco's Journal
  7. sillydraco

    Sketches for Sketches?

    I'd like some sketches of my anthro husky, Byte! I think I'd like to do 3 trades if I can! Show me an example of your sketches! Here's an example of mine c:
  8. sillydraco

    JAPAN FURS - 1 Page Color Comic for Lucario Doujinshi?

    I've been on a wild kick lately, I recently found a Zorori doujinshi ( Silica Star ) on yahoo auctions and had a mail order service grab it for me. I had been looking for that damn thing for around 7 years. Well, I have one, and I want more! Right now I have my eyes on Lucario Ijime Anthology...
  9. sillydraco

    Anyone interested in some cheap arts? $10 sketches / $25 full color

    I'm open for commissions, lemme know if you'd like anything! Userpage of sillydraco -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  10. sillydraco

    YCH Auction - Multiple slots available

    YCH Auction - Bid for FREE ART Every person who bids on the auction gets a free sketch, anything they like c: You don't have to actually win, as long as you put a bid in you will get one. One per person. They will be done after the auction is complete. Get in there, I need all spots filled...
  11. sillydraco

    I have several auctions up right now, go check them out and please bid :)

    Don't forget I have five auctions open waiting for bidders! I'm just gonna leave them up with no deadline, if and when people bid then I'll put a deadline of one week after that :) June - I Don't Wanna Grow Up (Age Regression) http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16738050/ April - Cave Story...
  12. sillydraco

    I have some new NSFW auctions up! Go check them out :)

    I'm just gonna leave them up with no deadline, if and when people bid then I'll put a deadline of one week after that :) March - Shirley Temple: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15886749/ January - Jacuzzi Time: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15632026/ December - A Warm Cup...
  13. sillydraco

    I have 3 spots in my YCH Comic left!

    I need to fill 3 spots in the YCH Pokemon Comic! Come on guys I can't finish it until they are filled :< Spots left - Ducklett, Garchomp, Trainer 2 Price - $45 Details - Full Color, 17 Pages, Sexy Pokemon Goodness Here's the comic, the linework is finished, I just gotta ink and color which...
  14. sillydraco

    Anyone here going to San Diego Comic Con?

    I'd love to go, I almost got on staff but was turned down :< I really want to buy THIS but I can't go. If anyone is willing to pick one up for me I'd love to pay ya back for it plus some for your trouble :)
  15. sillydraco

    Wanna be in a game?

    So if you look in my scraps you will see some WIPs of my new up and coming game Legend of YCH (name subject to change lol) I plan to offer the chance to have your character in the finished game, either as the main character, an NPC, or even a baddie or boss. The game will have three playable...
  16. sillydraco

    Flash animation auction!

    The last flash animation (seen HERE ) was so much fun, I want to start on another one! So I will be having an auction to see who gets to work with me on it :) The winner will have their say in everything, anything they want animated will be done. I can also use actionscript as well, so if you...
  17. sillydraco

    Selling quick sketches and flat color via stream.

    Selling quick sketches and full color via stream. I got an event coming up this weekend, GP Phoenix :) so I'm doin some quick sketches / color. Anyone interested? You can respond either here in this thread, FA or IB :) Sketch - $5 https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=452780 Color - $10...
  18. sillydraco

    YCH Full Color 17 Page Comic (Adult) 8 Slots ($45 per)

    I'm working on an adult comic, pokemon themed, with room for 8 people. The story is basically two trainers battling, but the pokemon are people's characters (need to be anthro) and when a person faints, adult stuff happens :) They won't be actual pokemon, just people with pokemon hoodies (and...
  19. sillydraco

    The Silly One Is Opening Commissions

    Hey guys! Now that most of my work is done, I have opened up slots again! Ah needs monies for cheese, so feel free to look around and tell your friends! Even tiny dragons like myself need food :D You can reply here or in my journal, or PM me :) http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/5156952/...
  20. sillydraco

    ATTENTION Central Califurs! Need to find my pet rat a new home!

    Ok guys help a brotha out here! So since I moved from Merced to Atwater to help my parents watch the kids, I have to find a new home for my pet ratty, Serra! If not you, then ask your friends or family if they know anyone who will take her. FREE! She has her own bedding and wire cage and those...