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  1. BigwiggingAround

    What is your Diagnosis?

    I was diagnosed with Aspergers when I was 8. The sessions also got me a provisional diagnosis for dysgraphia and anxiety (both of which I can testify are definitely there), as well as a suggestion of mathematics disorder. I did a year of therapy for Aspergers and I do some tutoring for to get...
  2. BigwiggingAround

    Age Thread 2014

  3. BigwiggingAround

    What the hell is a "Boat"?

    Grabbit would be the best possible combination, methinks. Makes more sense, and it implies their kleptomaniacs.
  4. BigwiggingAround

    Unpopular Opinions

    I agree. My parents had me and my older brother circumcised for this reason. They said it just seemed like the "normal thing to do" when they were given the option. Later they realized it really served no purpose so they didn't have it done to my brothers after me (I have a big family).
  5. BigwiggingAround

    Brag about your fursona!

    My fursona is a depressing, cynical dickhead. Can he get more loveable than that? Also, he's too cool to make appearences (that or I can never find the time or motivation to draw him).
  6. BigwiggingAround

    What instruments do you play? (OFFICIAL)

    I play bass; I use a 1978 Peavey T-40, which belongs to my dad.
  7. BigwiggingAround

    Weirdest Dream You've Ever Had?

    I dreamt last night Quinten Tarantino was in my backyard in a hammock, and he had a unicorn. I convinced him to let me use it, but before I could go anywhere I was teleported to a different situation and the unicorn was gone. I didn't care in the dream, but I woke up feeling pissed. I almost...
  8. BigwiggingAround

    Unpopular Opinions

    I am offended. I'll have you know my penis has been vastly improved in no way whatsoever by it's being circumcised. Yeah, I feel the same way.
  9. BigwiggingAround

    Why album art is important/what were the first albums you got for yourself...

    I'm technically buying my first album this week ("Kudos to You" by Presidents of the United States of America); every cd I've listened to belonged to someone else (mostly my dad). These together are the first two albums I listened to in full when I was 10: Not sure which came first. Either...
  10. BigwiggingAround

    things you just dont understand

    I don't understand what's so great about the Fender Precision. I guess it's a decent guitar and not too costly (though Fender wants $1500 for some models), but I don't understand why absolutely ever bass player and their grandma uses one. They're pretty unspectacular imho, and you can't do much...
  11. BigwiggingAround

    Unpopular Opinions

    The Stones suck.
  12. BigwiggingAround

    How has the furry fandom changed your life, if at all?

    Made me realize I was bi, which is a big deal I guess, but it's pretty irrelevant because I have no interest in relationships.
  13. BigwiggingAround

    Evolution VS Creationism

    I agree with your points, Fallowfox. I do firmly believe in my religion and in God. I'm realizing now I exagerated in my original post; I am comforted by my religion, and that sense of security is a strong motivator to continue defending it when the odds are against me in an argument...
  14. BigwiggingAround

    Evolution VS Creationism

    So by believing in God I am less likely to do the right things in life? That's what "damaged integrity" means to me. And right, in this case, could mean both "morally correct" or just plain correct. [paragraphs redacted: i'm jumping ahead]
  15. BigwiggingAround

    Evolution VS Creationism

    I'm well aware every other religion has the same "Do what our God says; get do-gooder points to be happy after you die!" system. When I said the Catholic Church makes the most sense to me, that includes my belief it is the "right" and "original" one, for an assortment of reasons. And how is it...
  16. BigwiggingAround

    Evolution VS Creationism

    I'm a devout Catholic, and I thought I'd contribute the following thoughts: The Bible has absolutely nothing scientific in it. The existence of God is [almost] definitely never going to be proven scientifically. "Watchmaker theory" is a lame explanation. I believe in God for a lot of reasons...
  17. BigwiggingAround

    What songs are you learning?

    Won't Get Fooled Again bassline.
  18. BigwiggingAround

    Did you ever deny your furriness?

    At first, yeah. I found the fandom via nsfw material (what a shocker), so at first it didn't mean anything to me. There was a point though when I suddenly started watching a lot of animated movies, and I wound up backtracking and started teaching myself to draw better, using a lot of fandom...
  19. BigwiggingAround

    Weirdest Dream You've Ever Had?

    Most dreams i've had about sex could qualify for the weirdest I've had.