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  1. frizzled

    Headshot and fullbody comms open! ($10-30)

    Just figured I'd post this here, comms are open! I'd love to draw some fun OCs! Here is a link to my official comms info on DA --> INFO No NSFW. I draw furries, ferals, monsters, and humanoids. Examples of recent work:
  2. frizzled

    Panther-taur adopt, OPEN: $25 STARTING AUCTION

    Putting this original character design up for auction as an adopt! All bids are on the DeviantArt page HERE! $25 USD starting bid, paypal only MR: $3USD AB: $50USD (I'm also open for custom comms of centaur-creatures like this! No NSFW.)
  3. frizzled

    Nightmare gryphon adopts: $9 OPEN

    Still have some adopts open of this nightmare gryphon floof species! They're cute and fluffy and ready for a new home :) Paypal only From top left to right: Fire: OPEN Water: CLOSED Earth: OPEN Electric: CLOSED Light/Day/Sky: OPEN Darkness/Night/Hades: OPEN Link to the original page with...
  4. frizzled

    Commissions open! :)

    Hello! Just chucking another commission ad into this endless void My commissions are open! Headshots, Fullbodies, and refsheets. FA page is Userpage of frizzled -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (Send me a note if interested) Here's my official commissions post, rates included...
  5. frizzled

    Fakemon doods

    Just some fakemon starters at multiple evolutions! Posting here cuz fakemon are fun and I always enjoy seeing them around :) Let me know if you have a favorite! I'm still...working out the first two evs for the fire and water ones....I haven't put their descriptions into the pics yet so here...
  6. frizzled

    Pokemon RP/ttrpg/interest groups

    Hi! I was wondering if folks here knew of any pokemon RP/ttrpg/interest groups to join/check out. I'm not so much of a player, but I have always been a fan of pokemon and like to do arts of them! Looking to do more arts as well (SFW only). Example of my work! (A wip) Anyways, if you do know...
  7. frizzled

    Adoptables: $5 ea

    Putting these guys up for adopt $5 USD each, Paypal only I really like their designs :3 Will update if adopted Message me at Userpage of frizzled -- Fur Affinity [dot] net if interested!
  8. frizzled

    Commission posts waiting mod approval?

    Hi, I've posted in the commissions forum twice now but it looks like my posts are waiting mod approval? They're both SFW posts, nothing out of the ordinary. Not quite sure what I need to do, if anything. Thanks Frizzled
  9. frizzled

    Headshot bust commissions-$15

    Hi all, I'm new here and opening up three slots for headshot/busts $15 each -1-2 week turnaround time -SFW only -All species! (including humans, furries, anthros, zootopia style, plain ol animals, monsters, fantasy) -Paypal only -Includes minimal/abstract background See examples of my work...
  10. frizzled

    Doodle your OCs (SFW only)

    Low-stakes doodles happening (no promises or guarantees) Examples of my sketchy stuff
  11. frizzled

    $5 headshot comms-2 slots left

    Hi, I'm a new artist here taking $5 headshot comms. Here's an example of the first one of three! Details: -Slots for 2 more -SFW only (I mean, its a head so I'm not too worried. No gore tho.) -Must have clear visual ref--if not, will be turned down -Payment via Paypal, and must be received...