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  1. miki.tikus

    Miki’s sketchbook

    Hello all! Going to start a sketchbook/art dump thread here! I don’t have an active commissions thread yet, but I’ll link it once I’ve got it sorted out :)
  2. miki.tikus

    Painterly portraits starting $15

    Hi Guys! Examples below! I'm opening up some painterly commissions. Portraits (Just head and shoulders) start at $15 USD for something similar to these two paintings. $30 For a full body illustration and $50 for a detailed background. If you're interested in something more detailed and complex...
  3. miki.tikus

    Miki's Art Thread

    Art shop/Commissions here Hi Guys! I'm new on this forum, I'm a digital artist, working in photoshop. I like to work in a really wide range of styles, from cartoony to realism. I'm a big fan of musicals, a veteran (if infrequent) Neopets user, and a qualified physicist. I exhibit at cons...
  4. miki.tikus

    Miki's Art Commissions!

    Hi Guys, My name is Miki! I'm an illustrator, new to the community here. I make digital art using photoshop and traditional art using watercolours! I can draw pretty much everything, my strengths are people and dragons, but I'm fairly confident in drawing most things (animals, vehicles etc). If...