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  1. Vasquez

    Fursona Voices.

    Honestly, my sona would sound like how I hear my own voice. Not exactly what I sound like in videos and recordings, but what I myself can hear whilst I speak or think. Maybe with a slightly more consistent accent
  2. Vasquez

    What are some fursona species you want to see more often?

    Definitely more fish and general aquatics that aren't sharks, bugs would be neat too. Would love to see more koalas, but I'm biased.....
  3. Vasquez

    Does the fandom make people gay?

    I know of a small handfull of straight dudes that have started to get attracted to gay furry art, they don't like guys irl but art of male animal people? Totally their jam. Who knows why or how, but it does seem to happen oddly enough. Though, there are one or two guys people would "turn gay...
  4. Vasquez

    Religion in the Furry Community

    In a way I agree, but it's more so hating the cause than the actual problem. I've met a few very nice Christians who are strong believers but also support the LGBT community. It all depends on the individual I believe as some claim there is no mention of homosexuality in the bible
  5. Vasquez

    High School Memories

    Gosh, highschool was mostly hell for me. I was always the shortest, and everyone accused me of worshipping the devil and sacrificing cats in the dark lords name. The only reason they thought this was because the only thing they knew about me for sure was that I liked rock music, not even heavy...
  6. Vasquez

    Religion in the Furry Community

    There can be LGBT Christians as well, I believe there's even a group on FA
  7. Vasquez

    Any Other Queers?

    It seems a lot of people are being unnecessarily rude on this thread, though on the main FA site I have encountered many Queer individuals if that helps. Not sure if many are active here on the forums
  8. Vasquez

    Religion in the Furry Community

    I have no idea why that link isn't working right, but it works just fine if you copy/paste the address
  9. Vasquez

    Religion in the Furry Community

    If you want some information, there's a few facts located here: http://www.religionfacts.com/neopaganism/paths/kemetic.htm And the main forum surrounding the subject is here: http://www.netjer.org/forums/ Almost forgot about this nifty place...
  10. Vasquez


    Hey hey! I've been in the fandom for a few years now, and joined FA around 2011, though I've never really checked out the forums until now. Just finished with education and currently looking for jobs, just started fursuiting earlier this year too. Only became active in the furry community...
  11. Vasquez

    Religion in the Furry Community

    I realise my poor choice in ordering of words, what I meant was people choose if they have a reason or not, even without evidence. Personally I don't think I could change my view and deny all previous belief of the gods associated with my religion, it's like asking someone "Can you choose not to...
  12. Vasquez

    Religion in the Furry Community

    Apologies, it's quite hard to tell if someone is joking or not through typed text, but I do understand your curiosity. I guess it's just personal preference really, like everything else. People choose what to believe provided they have evidence, a reason or not
  13. Vasquez

    Religion in the Furry Community

    No need to be rude, sir. And I don't really think of it as a form of paganism, more like it's own religion if that makes sense? My relatives are also far from religious, not that any of your points really relate anyway And yes, I do believe that the gods exist, and as for why, it's a mix of the...
  14. Vasquez

    Religion in the Furry Community

    The same reason anyone would choose to believe in a religion, feeling a connection with said religion, an interest in the religion itself or a genuine belief in the 'lore'
  15. Vasquez

    Religion in the Furry Community

    Yes, I believe it is also classified as a subcategory of Peganism. Worship of Ancient Egyptian gods are still practiced today, though mainly by those in Egypt itself
  16. Vasquez


    I have a few suggestions which I'm unsure of previous mention, these include: -Online Status -Necessary filling of Submission Information -Customisable blacklist while searching/browsing tags -Allow a user to create a "group" page, instead of groups being user accounts (like facebook pages as...
  17. Vasquez

    Current Role in Life

    My current role is that guy who has just finished education and is looking endlessly for a job Ugh
  18. Vasquez

    Anyone here into Urban Exploration?

    It's a huge interest of mine, I adore urban exploration and would love to do it myself. Sadly, there's no place around in my area to go visit and if I did manage to find someplace, no doubt it would be heavily secured (I also lack a good camera) I do have massive respect for all the explorers...
  19. Vasquez

    Members by Species

    Username: Vasquez Species: 9-Banded Armadillo Category: Xenarthra
  20. Vasquez

    How old we're you when you went to your first convention/got first fursuit?

    Sadly the nearest furry convention to me is overseas (in England somewhere), so I haven't been to one just yet I do, however, go to an Anime convention called Q-con every year which I've been attending for 5 or so years now (so 13? 14 maybe?) I got my first ever fursuit this year during February...