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  1. Translord

    quadsuit stilt qestion

    From what I know of jointed stilts you really shouldn't run in them- the stress can be too much on them I think, and the risk is too great that the joint will suddenly bend when you land on that foot. If you want to run, non-jointed would be better. Afraid I can't answer your other questions though.
  2. Translord


    I sure hope you find it! D:
  3. Translord

    Bottom of footpaws?

    Hmm, I never thought about that! That seems like it'd be a pretty good material.
  4. Translord

    Bottom of footpaws?

    What would you recommend for the bottoms of footpaws and where am I able to order it? Most suits have rubber bottoms, don't they? I'm pretty new to fursuits. ^^;
  5. Translord

    Tomedoe the Bushbaby First Fursuit head WIP

    Bushbabies were my favorite animal as a kid :) For the bangs, I would normally suggest using a long fur (For this it'd be LONG), but since you've already glued down the fur, I'm not sure what to tell ya' :/ It's cute so far :3
  6. Translord

    What do your family and friends think of your anthro art

    Dad: Draw something other than animals for once! One friend: That's really cool! Other friend: Wha... anthromorphic fanart? No, that's just wrong, don't do that.
  7. Translord

    Average Fur Length?

    I'm making my first fullsuit, and I was wondering, what is the average fur length people get for a wolf? no extra hair tufts or anything, just a basic wolf. What would you recommend? If it helps, I'm looking at Mendel.
  8. Translord

    I'm looking for Cons or just plain meetups around the AR, TN, OK, MI, LA area ^^"

    I know there's Furry Fiesta in Texas, not sure exactly where And there's Furry Weekend Atlanta, sorta near those states you mentioned
  9. Translord

    Elliott's Spring Gathering 2012 (ESG2012)

    I am so incredibly jealous right now O.o The only con I can go to is FWA, and that's only if I can get a ride. Plus I couldn't go this year and so I've gotta wait a whole 'nother year. I bet you'll have a blast there though!
  10. Translord

    First attempt at a head

    Looks good, congrats for finishing!
  11. Translord

    I'm in love with this site

    Not my firewall :/ My school puts a buttload of malware stuff on our computers, I've got no control over it, and from what I know it's pretty darn good stuff. I mean, the page works now, no alerts or anything, so it was probably just my computer being stupid.
  12. Translord

    I'm in love with this site

    I would but I don't have one :/ Whatever, forget it.
  13. Translord

    I'm in love with this site

    Okay, now I kinda feel like an idiot or something >.< But I definitely got the message from my firewall three times. Then ten minutes later it was gone so... I dunno. Whatever.
  14. Translord

    I'm in love with this site

    Hey, just a warning you guys, I refreshed the page for this durrsuit tumblr and my firewall blocked a virus. So... proceed with caution. It's a great site for sure, but whatever they've posted recently has a virus, probably in one of the photos.
  15. Translord

    my first head (foam base method)

    Seems about the right size to me :3
  16. Translord

    chin too high on fursuit head.

    So, (As obnoxious and tedious as this may sound) the thing that seems to just make sense to me is to make it sit lower down on your head, essentially shift the entire face downwards. I don't know if it's the best way to do it, but that's the first thing that came to mind. Or you could make the...
  17. Translord

    chin too high on fursuit head.

    Could you link to a picture or two? visual might help me to see what you mean.
  18. Translord

    Creating a fursuit head... hopefully

    I used $10 for 1/2 foam for the base, and about $25 for the fur from Mendels (This is for short pile fur, depending on the animal, you may want to pay more for the longer furs) And... I don't know how much hot glue cost since I already had sticks, but I used... somewhere around 5 mini glue gun...
  19. Translord

    Furries vs. Therians

    I can't help but thank you for actually telling us your opinion on this in a respectful way. I've seen so many people just flat out say something like "People can't be animals." And "You're insane." So can I just say thanks for being respectful in sharing your opinion and putting it in a way...
  20. Translord

    Furries vs. Therians

    Glad this thread helped someone :3