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  1. Darin Waller

    Sketchbook: My Improvements Scrapbook

    I am that type of artist who enjoys studying and getting out of my comfort zone as much as possible, that means I have a lot of practice and study sketches laying on my files that I don't like to share because they aren't too substantial to be given the spotlight. Most of the time I don't ever...
  2. Darin Waller

    (Commission) Selling: Ko-Fi Quick Sketches (CLOSED)

    EDIT 05-26-2022: Commissions are CLOSED! Greetings! You may call me Darin, I'm a digital artist and graphic designer. I'm currently open for simpe, quick commissions, base prices ranging from $9 to $25. You can find some examples of my work on my Ko-Fi page. Please, make sure you read carefully...
  3. Darin Waller

    Anthro Pokemon Steampunk themed RP group! [CLOSED]

    Hullo there, my fellow role players! I've been working along with some friends in making a Role Playing group at DeviantArt where we use anthro Pokemon in a Steampunk setting. This is kind of a revival of an older group, with a different, more engaging system based around member interaction...
  4. Darin Waller

    Hullo there, fam!

    I'm Darin, Lv.21, Libra. Graphic designer and digital artist. I'm not quite new to the official site, but I've never been here to the forums. I can be found in the regular site as DarinScraps. I guess my best suit has always been drawing anthropomorphic characters, specially Pokemon. I really...