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  1. kogie

    deal of a life time

    Ok once more I am doing poems and stories for sell. Poems being 3 dollars. I will write them do not sugest what the poem should be about. I am also doing 5 dollar short shories. These you may request them to be anything you wish them to be and I do mean anything. My mate is also joining in on...
  2. kogie

    Can someone draw out my children please

    This is the best I can do for details and a reffrance I have 1 reffrance picture of them but as taurs I will be posting that picture reffrance as well. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4231613/ Lukan- First born fo the four. Smart hamdsome and dashing. his pelt is of the rainbow kind with...
  3. kogie

    Can someone please draw this please.

    Ok saddly I can not give a reffrance pisture Fa is down at the moment, but I promise when it is back up I will link a picture ref. What I would like is a picture of my feral form laying around wearing a pirate hat made from a map. I would also like it if someone could put a bottle of bargs...
  4. kogie

    V-day Request

    Ok I have a huge fav to ask. I would like a batch of V-day related picks. No they don't have to be full drawn they can be just sketchs but I like them to be V-day related please please please Oh one other thing please note me the Link to it if you do it thanks Thanks Ahead of time Kogie
  5. kogie

    A favor to ask

    Ok I know there are quite a few people out there that have taken on well Drawing me. I am very thankfull for this I really am. All I ask for is a link to it so i can fave and save it. I hate comeing across it in another gallary after like 3 months of it being done and posted. SO please please...
  6. kogie

    To dose doing this for me

    Hey every one. I know i jumped on a lot of band wagons for free art, and to those that have said yes to me thank you so very much. But i have a request to ask of you all. well to the ones that have gotten mine done anyways. would you mind posting the link to it here I would for ever be...
  7. kogie

    Looking for arist/arists to draw this for free

    I been tryign to get a set of picks done of my fursona looking like Naruto Saska Kagaska. If someone/someones woudl do this for me I will be very thankfull i really will be
  8. kogie

    Oh look in here it nice i promise

    Hee ok i lied not nice after all. but i do want to ask for some help i have a piece of art here http://www.furaffinity.net/view/832523/ that i would like to get colored. Ok here is the color for the lovely furs. for the anthro my mate he is pure black. and i would like his pants leather they...
  9. kogie

    Oh no another what if thread

    Ok i was walking to a store when i thought of this. What if there where no cons you know like fur cons anime cons all of the sort how would you con going furs handle it. and how would you furs that have never been to cons and want to handle it. I am just interested thats all.
  10. kogie

    what would you do if you saw this

    Ok here's a god topic or at lest I think it is a good one. What would you do if you saw a fellow fur getting beat up just because he was wearing his tail or ears or anything furry. I ask this because I saw it happening once and I will be honest I did my best to help the little guy out. So I just...
  11. kogie

    Puppy need some help

    Hey every one this is kogie the pup and i am looking for someone that will do cheep or free pick of my carries and to make it short i will leave the discrips here kogie: small feral wolf pup with three claw marks over his nose and a cresent moon under his right eye. and a long fluffy tail...