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  1. foxkun

    What is your sexual orientation?

    I don't typically classify myself? I like boys and girls (and have some trans friends that are super cute) but really it's all about their personality for me :3
  2. foxkun

    So, you have worn your tail in public. Tell your storys here.

    Huh. Ears and tail aren't that abnormal around here, but most high school kids are into anime so it comes with the territory. Sigh. /old I've worn mine all over the place. Was wearing my foxtail at Archon and someone pulled on it. I meowed. He got very confused. I tend not to wear my...
  3. foxkun

    Sooo... are there any Seattle cons?

    So I'm planning on heading to Seattle at some point this year to visit friends (not sure when), but I haven't found any fur cons in the area, and wanted to know if anyone knew of any. I'll probably also stop over in San Fran if there's any California cons. I'm also going to ACen and Archon...
  4. foxkun

    God, don't you hate it when

    What I hate about getting back into drawing is that it almost feels like a muscle - the more often I draw the longer I can draw without getting tired of it.
  5. foxkun

    Milk's Sketchlog [crits welcome]

    Buuuh... hi! I haven't posted in the forums for a while, but I could give ya a few opinion/critiquy things. Unfortunately I started and then realised I'm far too tired to make any sense... I'll try. -Neck thing: your neck looks fine (albeit perhaps a bit thick for a girl), but it's your head...
  6. foxkun

    How can someone be "half Jewish"?

    Agreed. All the same race, otherwise if we mated the offspring would be infertile. However, on an interesting note, there is a small set of people in the Tibetan mountains that will genetically be a different race within a thousand years or so. Their bodies have adapted so they need different...
  7. foxkun

    Free TF Stories For All!!

    Alright... lemme see what I can come up with... Romance/semi-horror. Since I'm fairly new I'm assuming TF means someone turning into an anthro/vice-versa/something along the lines? I would automatically do something sorta werewolf, but that's the norm, and I like mixing things up a bit...
  8. foxkun

    Still open, taking art request

    RE: I need more pratice, AlWAYS OPEN. I'm gonna request again because you're on top of all your requests :3 Draw me (foxkun) as... a steampunk space pirate! YARR!
  9. foxkun

    Artist looking to expand his horizons for free

    lol. Yeah. Welcome to FurAffinity, the place that isn't quite bit enough to swallow everyone into the void of anonymity. In otherwords, I've had the same thing happen. A site I was on for years had a little over 300 pageviews. This place? I'm up to 1250 and started in springish. But that's...
  10. foxkun

    What you do if you get an adult art request from someone seeming to be a minor?

    You can very legally ask for a person's scanned ID, no problem. If they're worried about you finding out their personal information, well, you're going to need their address anyway. They could technically blot out their DI# if they really wanted to, but DI#s don't really do much of anything...
  11. foxkun

    Possible spoiler... but: Harry Potter 5 movie patronus animal discussion thing...

    In book 6 they're talking about someone's Animagus changing. I think it really depends on your personality type
  12. foxkun


    Probably unagi then. Kind of a smoky taste to the sauce it was in? I'm landlocked as well (I'm in Missouri, called the midwest for a reason), but guess we have a lare enough asian population (We've got a major road that has all sorts of asian influence for about 10-15 miles) that we have...
  13. foxkun


    Mmmmm....sushi.... Nothing like savoring raw fish, at least for us carni/omnivores ^,^ Do you like it? Hate it? What's your favorite kind? Have you yet to try it? did you know that sushi is actually the rice, not the fish? The fish is sashimi :3 My personal favorite sashimi is yellowtail...
  14. foxkun

    mate or not?

    Mate is such a weird word. After all, me'n adonis really can't have kiddlings (as far as I know... maybe I'm sort of strange being that can actually get pregnant or something, but so far all research has proven that to be false :P) At any rate, yes, I've got a mate. He's a squishy dragon that...
  15. foxkun

    Group Roleplays

    My MSN's nauticalj@hotmail.com, though I'm not on altogether all that often :3
  16. foxkun

    I needs a ref sheet ;_;

    I'm a bit bogged down with requests and possible commissions (and lack of time!), but I was going to suggest something. maybe if you put your character's info in here, as detailed as possible, that may get people the gumption to do a few sketches for ya. That way you won't have to write it down...
  17. foxkun

    There's a forum here?

    AAAAAAAAAAH!!! There's someone else here from St. Louis! GET OUT!!! ... No, just kidding, seriously! Stay! It's okay! *hog ties to chair* Have you gone to any of the colleges here, 'cause if you have I probably know you. Do you? DO YOU? HMMMM?!? *leer* By the way, does "Boneitis" Have...
  18. foxkun

    Awkward entry

    Okay, so the subject is "awkward entry" and the first thing I read is "wild fling." *pops head out of gutter* WOW! Okay, that makes SO much more sense now! Hi! Oh, and there's lots of people here who aren't full out furries (what that exact definition is, I can't really tell, but meh). So...
  19. foxkun


    YOU! WRITE LONGER POSTS! *whipcrack* NOW! (Foxkun disclaimer: I'm not really that mean, I just play one on tv?)
  20. foxkun

    Your Den.

    I don't think it's a problem, you're not saying you made them, it'd be giving credit to blotch. I have pictures of my room, but no way to post them since I lost the wire to put them to the computer >_< I shall describe: My boxsprings/matress are in the corner on the floor with a tannish...