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  1. Silkstone

    ... a trade?

    Hey there. I've never done an art trade but I'd love to try. Because I'm only a newbie artist, I may refuse certain requests :3 But for the most part, I'm game! I draw pics with pencil/pen, then scan and shade on the computer (<- see FA galery). In return I'd lurvvv pics of Kuro ^_^ at the...
  2. Silkstone

    Hm? Fursona 'Dollamaker's?

    Dollmakers: you can drag hair, clothing and accessories onto a basic body base to create a 'doll'. I was wondering if anyone had done anything similiar, or would be interested in doing so? It'd be neat to draw clothes for other people's fursonas, I think =) Or if enough people caught on, maybe...
  3. Silkstone


    Hey there. I'm heading to University in the fall. I was wondering if anyone else is in the same boat? Or has already ridden the boat and has any horro stories, succcess stories, or general tips?
  4. Silkstone

    Ref Sheet Pose

    Hey there =) I'm really shying away from drawing my fursona, because I'm scared she'll end up looking like crap and I'll haffa throw a pity fit >:( But I gotta get on it. For cereal. So here's my question... You know the very basic ref sheets, with minimal shading and more for displaying...
  5. Silkstone

    Sleek Fursuits?

    Hey there, I've been curious about something for a loooongggg time now, and I figured if anywhere, it would be here that someone woud know or have an opinion or idea. I'm a thin sort of person (I got lucky, no haters D: I eat like a cow rolflmao), it's just a part of who I am as well as what I...
  6. Silkstone

    Offering Requests... =)

    Hey there =) I'm supposed to be practicing drawing, so I was wondering if anyone would like me to draw them something, it could be anything you'd like. Please choose: a) a pencil-shaded sketch (better at this) b) a coloured and outlined drawing (worse, but cleaner) and lemme know what you...
  7. Silkstone

    *ears twitch*

    Hey there =) I would be Silkstone. I found FA after seeing it's initials multiple places on Devart and started searching for it :P Thought I should pop in and introduce mahself. I like these things: modern symphonic, colour schemes, Canadian spellings, moths, butterflys, dusk, compasses...