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  1. Yena

    Sexiest Language.

    For some reason, German accents are just murrrrr. I know two germans, both male and female, and they just have amazing accents.
  2. Yena

    Is it Safe to post at DA now?

    I get that stupid virus shit all the time. I just X out of it, yknow? Anyway, I don't think it's safe, but yeah, I keep going on it anyway. My comp hasn't died or anything.
  3. Yena

    Free art! Come one, Come all!

    Any mammal(Canid, Feline, Rodent, ETC, any mammal with fur) with its butt showing. I love butts. You could perhaps combine mine with someone else's to make it faster, a double one, yknow. Two birds with one stone.
  4. Yena

    How long do you think you'll be a furry?

    For eternity. I'll still be that natural furry.
  5. Yena

    Double-sided badges?

    I thought you said Badgers so I flew in here, super interested. Ashame it's only "badges".
  6. Yena

    Looking for someone to fursonify someone...

    I'm looking for an Otter. Basically, I need a good "PB & J" Style, or the soft style, nothing sexual. Show me your style, please. This is a present for someone and I'm paying. Afterwards just PM me and we'll handle it from there.
  7. Yena

    Assloads of WoW: Cataclysm info leaked.

    Yes he is. He's racist, And believes only in.. bah I don't care I just don't wany my delicious mana-restoring wards to vanish. Wahh. Well. Whatever happens to Thrall... Garrosh is still a fag. All those leaked images are just amazing. The maps. The models. Deathwing is perhaps the most badass...
  8. Yena

    What do you like to see in other fursonas?

    I'LL SAVE YOU I have my retort shield :3
  9. Yena

    Assloads of WoW: Cataclysm info leaked.

    Wow. Wowww. Literally. There is only ONE THING... err, okay, two, that I hate about cataclysm. 1. Fire ward and Frost ward are being removed. WHAT THE HELL?! 2. Thrall dies. Well it's not that I hate. It's that Garrosh is now in command and he's a fag.
  10. Yena

    What do you like to see in other fursonas?

    I see what you did there... You know, that's probably the 59th time I've been called that, but this is the first time it's been in a cryptic message. Well done. And I know how to win the battle of the trolls, my mind just fails me some times.
  11. Yena


    I turned from friendly and open to closed and pissed the hell off. Sorta like a guy with a bullet-proof vest, sunglasses, and... Well, I don't know alot about guns so just a gun.
  12. Yena

    What do you like to see in other fursonas?

    I'm gonna make my own furry site without trolls some day. I swear.
  13. Yena

    What do you like to see in other fursonas?

    What a fucking idiot... I'm going to see if there's a block option.
  14. Yena

    What do you like to see in other fursonas?

    God, that's just horrible, the posts I saw on this page are just fucking wrong. I would STICK UP for someone if they were in that situation. Fags.
  15. Yena

    What kind of fur are YOU?

    Uh, I stand on four legs? Is that special?
  16. Yena

    What do you like to see in other fursonas?

    I myself am a feral Hyena(sex drive)/wolf(Spiritual drive)... So I really don't know. I love to see unpopular animals like badgers and ground squirrels. EXTREME Sparkledogs are a little overboard, but I like things on their sonas to actually "Sonafy" Them.
  17. Yena

    Advice, anyone?

    Well, thanks, but the only problem that I really have with art is laziness.. I can never conjure up the will to do something.
  18. Yena

    The new fox

    Oh bloody hell, you're like, the billionth fox... Anyway.. welcome.. but just a warning, most of the members here are extremeley rude, and it's a troll's cave.
  19. Yena

    Advice, anyone?

    Jesus.. chr... I'm not really aiming for realistic here.. But I don't know what to do. It looks waay too advanced and complicated.
  20. Yena

    What do you hate about the furry fandom?

    Hmm, when I said it's full of trolls, I guess I was right... I'm the only sane one here.