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  1. silicahowl


    BORZOI AUCTIONS SB $5 - AB $80 !paypal only! ending aug 20th @ 12pm(bst) auction winners will get large high res .png image of their chosen adopt! TO BID HEAD OVER TO FA thank-you! <3
  2. silicahowl


    ive been here a few days but somehow missed this forum gonna go ahead and blame that on the adhd brain ANYWAY im silica and im happy to be here and i know like... nothing tell me all the things
  3. silicahowl

    quad? (curious/academic)

    this is mostly academic, but has anyone ever attempted (and pulled off) a really good quad fursuit? i imagine it would be huge, probably, but it could be a lot of fun, if you had the funds. i was looking at those robotic digitigrade legs lets you can get a while ago and they seem like maybe a...
  4. silicahowl

    SELLING CUSTOM HEADSHOTS (5/5 available)

    OFFERING CUSTOM HEADSHOTS sfw only most comfortable with canines/felines (or similar) hybrids/complex characters welcome! lined: $20 painted: $50 white background is default for a painted headshot while i get used to csp. transparent bg is available for +$5 ! taking 5 slots to begin...
  5. silicahowl

    new in town

    hey! i'm howl. i've been a fur for [looks at watch] two hours i designed a 'sona named silica (she's in my av!) but other than her physical design, i have no idea how to make a personality for her. how similar should your 'sona be to yourself? and what's the exact difference between a 'sona and...